Alex's Internship in Beijing


AlexChina Internship Placement was at the center of getting me a consultancy internship when I was looking for one. They proved to be worth my money. I am coming from a part of the world that paying to placed into an internship was unheard of. But when I was walked though the components, I felt it was worth it.

I joined a consultancy internship assisting one of the lead Associates with preparing analysis, writing final reports and presentation. I experienced work and life in a multinational organizational setting and deep insight about China from regulation and policy framework and brand survival. I gained a valuable insight into the art and business of consulting including corporate culture. I was added to Management Consulting Team and attended corporate meetings and Training Need Assessment (TNA) segments.

These exposures mean a lot to me because I learnt about project management which is essential to managing a consultancy. I got knowledgeable about how to run a consultancy and prospect for clients.

My Experience

Chinese approach to management always proved to be different from the west because there are cultural and societal characteristic pervasiveness. It is seen in their everyday life. When I was briefed about the bureaucracies of work and respect for the hierarchy, I though change is going to be different in Chinese companies but hey! there is always a way of going about it.
Few rules, Never regard an employees, ideas and superior to his supervisor, never contact a subordinate before a superior, always keep an eye on the rank, do not request to meet bosses together with their subordinates. Interesting huh! When you observe these rules to the letter, and assure subordinates of complete cover, you will get all information needed for a training need assessment.

The Essence and Value

The job descriptions were very necessary to my future career and the 12 months that I stayed in Beijing was just like living the future in the present. CIP’s Entrepreneurial training was just superb!!! We joined China Accelerators, an organization that nurtures entrepreneurial ideas and are Venture Capitalists.
In my opinion, Beijing is the best city to launch careers related to business related soft skills like consultancy, research, marketing etc because here is a heavy presence of Fortune 500 companies. I understand Beijing has the highest fortune 500 Company presence than any other city in the world because most of them interested in doing business in China, would like to be very close to the Government to get first had information about policy Changes.
Networking was a very important program component I miss while at home now. On a typical networking evening, all CIP interns gather at an agreed venue conveyed to very executive programs to network with Business people. It is fun and was worth ht time too.

The growth Process

Performance appraisal was a very vital aspect of the internship and I loved it except the realities. In the first 2 months, my performance was not as pleasant as I thought. I was encouraged to work hard and read more and I was at my best thereafter. CIP together with my host company conducts performance appraisal on my achievements and very frank recommendations are made to keep me in check. I love it though it was very corrective.
I will add my voice to the rest of previous reviewers that CIP is to be trusted and their programs are solid and the experiences are real. Professionalism and good work ethics as well as fast follow ups outclass any shortfalls. We have also vowed to be ambassadors for CIP.


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