We believe in you!!  China Internship Placements (CIP) presents numerous opportunities and platforms to equip you with the necessary skill sets for a bright future.

Professional Internships in China

China Internship Placement (CIP) is one of the biggest Global Internship Placements and Cultural Immersion providers in China. Our Staff have adequate and solid knowledge of the terrain, we are able to make Professional Internship Placements combined with Chinese Language Study. Our programs present opportunities and life changing experiences.  This is what we guarantee!!  The emphasis is on transformation and profile building.

Professional Internships in China

We are in partnership with over 1500 Host Companies, 10+ universities, and many other meaningful service providers.  We aim to make available cultural immersion opportunities for youngsters to travel, learn and experience various cultures so as to take advantage of the emerging 21st-century advantages. We have very dynamic and professional systems established with the commitment to professionalism and effectiveness.

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Company Overview

China Internship Placements

China Internship Placement started in 2005 under a different corporate name.  We served a few universities and High schools with the  cooperation of agencies in various countries.


CIP - Braches

With the vision of reaching all over the world and creating the tightest network of service providers, China Internship Placements (CIP) has established offices at strategic locations to coordinate...

Our Approach & Philosophy

CIP- China Internship Placements

We seriously value our culture, our processes, and our participants.  We’d rather not be in business at all than incur displeasures from participants.  When you do join our program, you’ll notice that this isn’t like...

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Internal Position

CIP is like a family with properly networked parts and facets strongly aimed at making generational impacts.  This is why we place so much value on our programs and services.  We would rather stay the same than...

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Study Mandarin in China

CIP's Programs have grown beyond borders with massive positive reviews.  The real reasons we stand out are our exceptional program components.


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