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For many, China is a strange land but to our Participants, it is a land of opportunities. When harnessed well, could be a life changing opportunity. We have provided detailed information and briefings about the cities in which our programs are hosted, safety and health issues, and our standards.

China Internship Placements as part of adhering to safety standards subjects our programs to thorough risk analysis after every 5 months to ascertain risk prone areas and take action. We have safety and emergency evacuation procedures in place in case of emergencies and we have a comprehensive health insurance in place.

We are also available to partner as many institutions as possible to all that could play a role are invited. We accept individuals, agencies, career centers etc.

Alumni Network

CIP Alumni Network

Our China Internship Program participants are by default graduated to CIP Alumni Network. It is made up of young people with an interest in China. Joining our Internship in China program as well as study abroad

Campus Ambassadors

CIP Campus Ambassador Program

We are committed to reaching out to every corner of the world with the preferred way to chatting career path in a most professional way. We are committed to inspire young people to be owners

Partner Organizations

CIP's Partner Organizations

China Internship Placements over the past decade has built solid relationship with several organizations.We play very critical role in assisting with recruiting quality Human resources to fill out positions within the...

Health, Safety & Insurance

Our Health and Safety Standards

Since we started operation, year on year basis we endeavor to provide Safest Study Abroad Programs in a very friendly atmosphere in China. We assure our participants to relax as we deal with all risk related...

Partner Us

Partner Us

With the solid tasks we have set for upgrading global internship and study abroad programs, we require several partners support us. We do not believe we have all the knowledge and capacity in this world...


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