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Our Hospitality Interns on their First Day at work:
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We value our website visitors including you!!  That’s why we have invested so much effort and energy to get this fine portal serving your needs.  Our webpage is designed in such a way that it carries as much information as possible.  The Sign-In feature was added to help you create profiles, save pages, and also compare program features, prices, offers, locations, etc.  You may also choose to save so you may return later and continue where you left off.  More User management features are being added and will be unveiled shortly, where users may save their CVs.  Read our Privacy Policy as your information is jealously guarded against theft.

Application guides

China Internship Placements is a Study Abroad and Professional Internship Service Provider in China.  This page presents our Program Guides and provides key information about all CIP programs.  It acts as an important storage area for all the critical details about our Study Abroad and International Internships in China.  These details are our: Application Process, Program Contents, Payment Options, China Study Abroad locations, Internship Locations, Visa Processes, Target and Illegibility, Internship Vacancy Database, Scholarship Page and Fund Your Program Pages.

Having read About Us and our philosophy, as well as having glanced through our services on the programs page, it is ripe that you also look at processes and procedures.  In case you have some questions, please feel free to contact China Internship Placements, request a callback or chat with our customer service representatives through the chat bar on your right.

Application Process

Internship in China

We have standardized our application process as China Internship Placements’ Application review Staff tries their best to critically analyze every single application.

Why CIP 

Study Mandarin in China

CIP's Programs have grown beyound borders with massive positive reviews. The real reasons we stand out is our exceptional program components

Fund Your Program

Internship Program fees

Resources such as money shouldn’t be an obstacle in participating in our life-changing and experience enhancing programs. We, therefore, partner several organizations who share...

Program Contents

Internship Program Components

CIP’s Study and International Internships in China Programs presents bright opportunities for Young graduates to acquire skills relevant for development and future prospects.

Payment Options

Payment Options

China Internship Placements provides affordable internship and Study Abroad Programs in china. We charge affordable prices for our internship in China Program as well as China Study Abroad.

China Study Locations

Study Abroad China

We run Chinese Language Study Abroad Programs in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Nanjing. These cities host thousand of International Students looking to study Chinese Language in China.

Internship Locations

Internship Location

Our Internship in China Programs are located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. These locations are premium Chinese cities with the greatest opportunities and present challenging chances...

Visa Processes

Internship Visa

We provide visa documentation and consultation for visa applications to all applicants and that’s been taken care of by our prices. We issue visa letters with over 89% of success.

Target Illegibility

Target and Illegibility

China Internship program is targeted at Young graduates seeking international Internships in China. All programs are targeted at Graduates who are looking to polish their skills.

Study & Internship Scholarships

Study Mandarin in China

China Internship Placements Opportunity Network identifies and allocates over $1.5 million each year to help motivated students mitigate their burden...


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