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Our China Internship Program places applicants into multinational organizations in China. CIP’s professional Intern and study programs in China is an integral component of our mainstream internship programs and we treat it will all due attention. Our internships could also be combined with Chinese Language Study Programs.

We take applicants through our standardized application procedures to make the best decisions for applicants.

CIP Past Internship Participants

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Our placement does not end with selecting companies and getting approval from you but also extends over the entire procedure.

  Placement is done through securing applications. These applications are referred to Application review Committee who assesses the applicants on the basis of standards set by our Host companies.
  Interviews are scheduled to ascertain applicants’ expectations and demands. During this interview, applicants are scrutinized with combination of questions and conversations. We believe conversations start every proper relationship and this is exactly what we aim. We also make contacts with parents and career advisors of applicants so we could manage all stakeholder expectations.
  Offers will be sent to applicants based on responses from host companies. We usually present at least 3 or more offers for selection by the applicants. At this point, we usually give an in-depth recommendations based on clients expectations but we always respect the final decision of our clients.
  Haven secured a decision from our client, we then do the necessary due diligence of getting to sign contracts on the behalf of our applicants with host companies. This irons out all the terms and responsibilities which mean that job descriptions that are seen during the selection process is entrenched by contract and could not be violated by the host company.

The completion of this process is crucial to other arrangements.

  This does not mark the end of our placement process. Our placement system Administrators make sure Interns are allocated Mentors at their place of work. These mentors are responsible for ensuring our interns are allocated the right amount of responsibilities, placed into the right department as per our contracts, and also assess their developments on weekly and monthly basis. These roles are performed in addition to all traditional Mentoring roles. One is selected from China Internship Placements Limited while the other is from the host Company. CIP has a standardized Internship Assessment system that helps determine progress of our applicants.

There mentors are individuals that have excelled in the area of our interns’ specialty. They are there to provide a paternalistic environment necessary for growth and development.

We encourage our Interns to work hard with all manner of diligence because it is rewarding. 60% of our interns in the past who proved they are worth maintained were handed instant long term jobs after their internship program because they adhered to our advice.

We provide briefing segments for all Interns at the beginning of the program about Work Ethics, Dealing with the Chinese Boss, Networking Skills, Personal grooming & Time management.


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