English Media Content Creator Associate in China (English Media internship )

Description of company 

The company  is a boutique media and event management agency working with international clients in China. Founded in 2010, with the  mission  to inspire greatness, build a trusted network and create shareable experiences. their clients include local community partners and multinational brands seeking to increase their profile and activate online and offline in China

Job description 

Potential Responsibilities

● Client Research: Assist managers vet clients and learn about their industry

● Press Release Creation & Copywriting: Compile and edit engaging press releases that provide value to our media partners.

● Social Media Content Creation - manage and post on company and client social media accounts (local and international social media sites).

● Pitch Preparation: Create and present clear proposals, types of media in most effective time spans and locations, cost schedules, and contract options for clients to choose from.

● Media Relations Management: Inform partners of news surrounding our clients.
● Strategic Network Growth: Strikes up conversations at networking events and on weekends to generate new leads with target clients, bloggers, editors and key opinion leaders.

● Industry Trend Investigator: Keep your ear out on the ground and on social media for new trends, venue openings, competitors, apps, etc.

Preferred Key Competencies

● Detail oriented with ability to learn and maintain new knowledge management systems that are essential for start-up growth

● Confident with a track record of leadership and logical decision making

● Familiar with PPT and Adobe Illustrator and an eye for for basic design tasks

● Native English speaker with stellar written and spoken communication skills

● Basic understanding of the media industry and interest in learning about the differences between Chinese and English Media in the Greater China region

● Interest in learning basic Mandarin, about Chinese culture, China in general

● 1 year part-time/internship experience in any communications role (ex: HR, F&B, Sales, Customer Service, etc.) preferred

● Ability to submit original writing samples prior interview


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