Finance Associate in China (Financial internships)

Description of company 

The company  is a boutique media and event management agency working with international clients in China. Founded in 2010, with the  mission to inspire greatness, build a trusted network and create shareable experiences. Our clients include local community partners and multinational brands seeking to increase their profile and activate online and offline in China. 

Job description 

Potential Responsibilities

Finance and Accounting

 Track accounting and finance input data

 Record account payables and receivables

 Create monthly and quarterly financial summaries

 Submit monthly accounting expense sheets

 Create budgets and projections under supervision of Finance Director

 Develop profitability scenarios and share with event management team

 Research best project and financial management systems and practices

 Conduct financial research to understand best practices and strategic finance

 Improve current databases and systems  Provide and interpret accurate financial data

 Monitor cash flows and project future trends  Analyze change and advise accordingly

 Meet with prospective partners to define goals of agreement

 Draft contracts that create beneficial partnerships and assure mutual value for both parties
Office Management

 Assess current data collection methods and look for ways to improve knowledge management systems  Manage company email system

 Work with event managers and design team to determine order quantities and source point-of-sale materials
 Support project manager when necessary

Preferred Key Competencies

 Student or recent graduate (Bachelor’s Degree)

 Interest in operations, systems, information technology, accounting & finance

 Detail-oriented with ability to learn and maintain new knowledge management systems that are essential for start-up growth  Strong language ability in Chinese and English

 Confident with a track record of leadership and logical decision making

 Ability to multitask and meet short deadlines

 Open-minded approach to work


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