Account Executive Intern

Company Description:

The hiring company is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan and founded in 2007, it is an industry-leading advertising and communications agency. The company has 49 global offices across 6 continents. Clients include Ford Motor Company, Johnson Controls, Ohio Art, and Purina among others.


The Account Executive is a key member of the account team to maintaining the relationship between the agency and the client. AEs are the liaison between the client and the creative team to ensure the client's needs and goals are being met on every project.



-Strengthen and expand relationships with key client

-Day to day support for account team, data insights, interactive and creative teams in implementing class-leading solutions and ensure agency resources are used effectively

-Is responsible for overseeing the production of all campaigns produced

-Play a key integration role between teams ensuring common understanding of the client problems and what it takes to create and implement digital marketing solutions



-Good project management skills

-Good client facing skills

-Good communication and presentation skills

-Sound qualitative & quantitative analytical skills

-Must be detail-minded, efficient and able to work under pressure

-Self-initiative and enjoy teamwork

-Good oral and written communication skills



-Degree in Marketing or related field

-Good digital & integrated marketing perspective

If you are interested in further information send your CV and cover letter to


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