Digital designer

Company description:

The hiring company is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan and founded in 2007, it is an industry-leading advertising and communications agency. The company has 49 global offices across 6 continents. Clients include Ford Motor Company, Johnson Controls, Ohio Art, and Purina among others.

Position overview:

Digital designer is responsible for:

  • The visual design and concept layouts across various communications projects as part of the Ford APA creative offering.
  • His/her creative output should consistently satisfy or exceed client’s and DigitalCD’s objectives and expectations.
  • Must be capable of working on multiple projects simultaneously.
  • He/She is involved with the technical aspects of our projects but focuses on the graphical elements – i.e.: how the project looks but also how it should work.
  • He/She may also be involved with the maintenance and update of existing work.
  • The digital designer will work closely with the creative teams to deliver integrated thinking and design across a variety of media but will primarily be focused on the digital elements of the given project.


  • Ensures all work is of the highest possible quality and maintains agency's commitment to providing innovative solutions to client marketing problems
  • Can create compelling designs and visual ideas for agency clients that are responsive to marketing/creative objectives and strategies
  • Actively participates in the creation of visual solutions incorporating his /her concepts/ideas and the concepts/ideas of his/her team
  • Works with the Digital CD to fulfill the vision of the group, follows established work processes, identifies and mitigates team issues, escalates issues when necessary
  • Works with team members to improve their overall effectiveness on the team
  • Produces the final assets necessary including preparing designs for concept mock-ups and presentation boards
  • Adheres to Ford global style guides, design parameters and visual standards for contemporary web design
  • When relevant, will contributes to idea generation in conjunction with other creatives
  • Maintains and supports all company standards

If you are interested in further information send your CV and cover letter to


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