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We are happy to work with you in designing customized programs for your students. We strive to build solid relationships with universities all over the world in presenting our revolutionized and professional internships at the doorstep to their students. We provide essential services aimed at taking internships to a different level. We provide scholarship opportunities to brilliant Young graduates and we collaborate with universities to have this properly planned and executed. We believe the traditional way of organizing internship programs and other study abroad programs is far extinct and needs a new face and the utmost reason is the 21st century presents new frontier and we put our participants in a position to decode these challenges. Check Why CIP page for more information about why we stand out in the provision of internship programs.

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Our Commitment to University Partners

China Internship Placements Limited Exists to provide real support services for all related stakeholders. We have developed a solid value chain around our business model and we endeavor to satisfy all located along the chain. University Study Abroad Offices and Career Center partners are no exceptions. We understand the roles of these units and the pressure they bear recently due to the continual reliance of their young graduates on them for solutions to their career pathways and landing jobs after graduation.

Recent research conducted by The Entrepreneur an online news bulletin and Internmatch an online portal revealed that

“Out of over 4,000 students, we found that almost 50 percent aren't using their career centers, with 64 percent turning to online resources instead. Almost half aren't using their career centers and 61 percent say they are either never or rarely effective in helping them land a job” – The Entrepreneur

Our approach and services provide solid solutions to helping Partner University Career centers resolve these. China Internship Placements has the necessary resources and connections to help customize Internship Programs for specific Universities. We arrange meetings to discuss expectations and standards and we make sure these standards are met.

There is an urgent need to equip young graduates with international experiences and skills to relocate their talents and make impacts. Meanwhile, the  challenge is Young people have little time to acquire all these skills given the current duration of internship programs. This is why we have added Mentoring, Grooming, and Entrepreneurial Training to our Internship programs in China.

The raison d’être is to increase the courage of our participants by putting them in the shoes of Business executives to cultivate the habit of professionalism and venturing internationally. Equipping Young People with Entrepreneurship is essential to preparing them with key skills to unlock opportunities globally.

The world is converging! Remember?

We have numerous networks and connections to help University career and Study Abroad offices to build solid programs at a faster pace and with little resource. We have a whole department of 15 experts who guide the process. Contact or Connect with us let us begin the conversation


Why partner CIP

  • We have robust 21st-century approaches to developing internship programs that put your students ahead of competition using our 4G and GEM principles.
  • We groom them to become global citizens and not confined to their corners
  • We restore trust and take way the pressure on study Abroad and career offices
  • Building a program from the scratch requires resources, time and a lot of effort. We make it easy
  • We ensure that our partnership leads to professional programs.
  • We remain committed to our partners and their recommendations, inputs, and reports are not treated lightly.
  • Professional communication is a must and we do it better as well. We have dedicated resources to keep it professional.
  • We have scholarships to offer brilliant and excellent students who cannot afford our services.
  • Increasing the globalization and global citizenry agenda of universities.
  • Giving participants courage to explore and venture into compelling opportunities
  • Solid support for their ventures even after the program
  • Increase in employability profile of university products in China
  • Students get all these advantages as well as safety.
  • We profile our partner Universities to Young Chinese who have a voracious appetite for studying abroad. We brand and position our partner universities to take advantage of these resources.

What Universities get from us

What we do to keep this relationship more fruitful

We guard jealously our Going Concern Issue which means we intend to here into the foreseeable future. So we continue to:

  • We arrange affordable yet professional programs
  • We have developed platforms to keep stakeholders abreast with proceedings
  • Research about the best ways to be ahead of the developments in Internship and Study Abroad industry
  • Continual risk assessment and analysis of our programs to make it safe
  • Invest into Human resources to keep us going
  • Included Partner engagement strategies into our processes to make sure all interest are served


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