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China Internship Placements run Professional Internship Programs and Study Abroad opportunities in China that recruits and carefully selects International Young Graduates for a befitting internship placement into Companies in China. We place highly motivated, critical thinking and hungry-for-experience interns who are able to lead corporate revolutions and are team members. CIP’s China Internship Program participants are noted industry wide for being the best. We make placements for our image and we insist on only the best.

We do not only place interns into companies to gain experience but we make sure they have something extra to offer our Host companies too. This is why we give interns deeper insights into work ethics and brand them even before they get to start work.

We organize talent grooming segments to get them identify themselves with professionalism and team work. We energize them to work with all diligence and have proven to be best over the years.

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We are always on the lookout for Very Good Companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou or any other city as we are looking to expand.

Do you want to internationalize your work environment? Do you wish to push a different from with well motivated young professionals? Do you want fresh limbs who are hardworking?

Count on China Internship Placements to deliver quality interns for you. We work together with HR Managers to design quality Internship positions. We have solid solutions if your HR plans makes space to take our quality international interns, kindly contact us on and we will be in touch soon or fill the forms on the Connect Us Page and we will be in touch within 24 hours.

How it works

Throughout the entire process, HR managers are involved every step of the way. We are willing to cooperate with you making sure you get the best.

  • The process of hiring interns begins with us setting up a meeting with your company to gather all your requirements and demands the intern must have;
  • With your approval we place an advertisement about the internship position on our website together with our partners’ websites;
  • Once candidates have sent us their resumes our internship consultant specialized in your company’s sector will carefully select the best suitable candidates and send them your way;
  • If your company is interested in any of the candidates , we proceed with arranging an interview though skype or telephone ;
  • If both parties agree with the terms and conditions of the internship, we begin preparing for your interns arrival to China including their Visa, accommodation, insurance, etc.
  • Upon arrival we escort the intern to their first working and we worry about all the rest.

Benefits China Internship Placements offer our Host Companies

Haven decided to be part of The CIP Opportunity Network, there are numerous opportunities you are bound to get from this decision. We have served over 700 Human resource managers in providing very unique recruitment services in the past and we have what it take to maximize your expectations. We do not charge for our services and all our candidates are critically screened, interviewed and groomed before starting work. Apart from getting fresh ideas into your operations, Our current bouquet of partner organizations admit getting these advantages:

  • Get efficient young and exuberant graduates working with you while enhancing their professional skills. These international Young graduates also will bring on board very important insights you’re your department with solid global perspectives of your operations.
  • Our International Interns could stay in China up to a year. We understand what consistency means to Human resource and we are ready to make that available.
  • This is an opportunity for Companies to expose their staff to diverse cultures and values. They diversify cultural backgrounds for a healthy corporate environment and culture
  • For medium organizations looking at going international, our Interns will provide links and information to how to exploit opportunities in their home countries.
  • Companies that accept our international interns, become very popular and internationally known because we publish the internship reports on university websites and other local media. Some of our host companies in the past have once experienced this
  • Our interns bring on board fresh and professional perspectives to doing business in their respective fields
  • They work on specific projects with the aim of delivery results before ending their internships.
  • Our interns could be a point of networking for our partner organizations for international prospecting and market entry
  • They influence already existing staff with positive attitude and we are responsible to making them do just that.
  • We also involve your staff to mentor these young graduates and usually serve as a huge source of motivation and a testing platform for the implementation of Corporate Mentoring Programs.

Once you contact us, we will take you through the process of becoming our partner.

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