China Internship Placements - Global Offices

With the vision of reaching all over the world and creating the tightest network of service providers, China Internship Placements (CIP) has established offices at strategic locations to coordinate affairs and provide customized local services for International Participants who wish to join our Study Abroad or Internship in China Programs.

China Internship Placements | Branches

For us, it is a mission of creating trust and increasing physical presence here in China, being close to stakeholders and customers.  These offfices are properly networked to the headquarters in China and they maintain the highest standard of service delivery.  Feel free to call in for all of our programs, including:

  • Internship Program in China
  • University Mandarin Study in China
  • Gap Year Program
  • Intensive Chinese Language Program
  • Summer Programs in China
  • China High School Programs
  • China Travel and Tour
  • Volunteering and
  • Customised Programs

    Branch Beijing

    Beijing Office

    Beijing happens to be the location for our head-office of China Internship Placements (CIP), playing the role of coordinating internship placements for all our locations throughout China.

    Branch Shanghai

    Shanghai Ofiice: China Internship Placements

    Shanghai is one of the important cities in China, carrying the potential of being converted into Mainland’s financial sector.  China Internship Placements has a corporate office here with a coordinating partner.

    Branch Shenzhen

    Program Office in Shenzhen

    Our Shenzhen office is open to handle issues relating to placements with Partner organizations in the area. It also handles accommodation issues relating to our participants who selected...

    Branch Guangzhou

    Our Office in Gunagzhou

    China Internship Placement has a dedicated office in Gaungzhou as well.  It is one of our newly established offices and was opened due to the increasing demand for Internships in the Gaungzhou area.

    Branch United States

    Office in USA

    We have opened a coordinating office in the United States to help our participants with basic information, as well as guidance with Visa applications and pre-departure briefings.


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