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China Internship Placements have in place Free Services committed to helping young graduates all over the world who cannot take advantage of our affordable internship and Study Abroad Programs in China to get groomed.  This happens  through our E-services.  All services under this category are free.

Though we all admit the era of fast internet Connectivity and information overload has dawned on us, not all are reaping its benefits.  We believe there still exists serious information asymmetry putting some individuals at a very advantageous position over others- in terms of career decisions and Global Opportunities.  CIP wishes to break this cycle for as many of those not able to reap the benefits as we are able.  We are committed to making sure that we are able to serve selflessly and continue to add value to the younger generations, irrespective of where their Race and Location is in the world.  There is a solid Team of human Resource and career guidance and counseling experts scattered around the world who we gather to provide these services at no extra cost to young graduates who would desire it.  Submit your resumes/CVs into our upload form below and an expert will contact you soon at no cost.  The following services are available to you and they are free of charge.  Pleaes note, we make sure we treat all our clients professionally, irrespective of whether the services are free or paid.  10% of our profit is devoted to making this work.

We continue to groom participants in this program till they are ready to take the Challenge of experiencing International Opportunities by Joining our Internship or Study Abroad Programs.

Career Advice and Counseling

Our Expert Resources are used to educate Young Graduates and Professionals about their career choices, trend and forecasted futures.  Our experts also help in professional Career Planning for Interested Applicants.  We consult for Parents on planning future careers for their Children.  Under this service, also, participants are allowed to submit their CVs and Resume for consideration and professional editing by our career advisors located all over the world in different nations (US, UK, South Africa, China, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, and France).  We are available all the time to help with quality tips about profiling for job markets.  These individuals also recommend some Resumes for consideration by our network of Multinational companies located in China.  We belong to an extensive HR Group in China which makes referrals easier.  Our Internship + Job Hunt program also presents opportunities for participants to start their professional careers right here in China.

E-Training and Mentoring

Are you considering starting up some entrepreneurial venture?  Do you wish to acquire some skill sets relevant to your career?  Do you want to make a major career shift and do not know what the implications are?  At China Internship Placements (CIP), we allocate our clients to Professionals to help them achieve their goals.  We are happy to make these impacts.  No deposit required and no fee is charged, this is our commitment towards breeding excellent Young People.

Learn Mandarin for Free Online (For Past Alumni)

This service resulted from our China Internship Placement Service and was instituted by our Alumni to help members access and practice their mandarin skills after leaving China through continual engagement and interaction with our resources.  We arrange Chinese Language Study Partners for applicants at no cost.  These partners are Chinese and they help our clients to study the language via the internet, and it has a well-structured curriculum.  If you are considering studying the Chinese language, don’t hesitate to register for this service.  The administrators of these tools are Chinese Natives who have studied teaching the Chinese Language as a Second Foreign Language and have graduated from reputable universities.

Free Chinese Language Partners for Language Students  (For All)

This program is meant for Foreigners studying Chinese as a major or combined major.  It presents a platform and resources to help foreigners studying the Chinese language outside China get help with Homework and advanced exposure.  Individual Adults as well as Corporate Executives who do not have large quantities of time may use this interactive online resource to sharpen or begin their Chinese language study right here.  Our CEO interacted with a few students in the United states studying Chinese during his usual campus tour with our International Team, and he wrote a report in which noticed that the Chinese Language is learned in an abstract environment, without real practice.  This likely accounts for the popular, yet misinformed notion that the Chinese language is difficult to learn.  Meanwhile, at China Internship Placements, we do not share that sentiment about Chinese language study.  We therefore decided to craft this program to help Students who are into full-time Chinese Language Study in University, or some language Institutions located outside of China.

This service engages foreigners who want to learn the Chinese language but are not ready to come to China yet due to financial constraints, or time.  It is a dedicated program to help any individual get exposed to the Chinese language and culture and interact with Chinese young people.  The language partners are native Chinese who possess Chinese language teaching skills.  The language partners are selected through rigorous processes to make sure they are qualified.  This service is free to all who are interested in learning the Chinese language.  It comes at no extra cost and is targeted at Students studying the Chinese language in Universities intensively and who need real resources to master the language.  Gain Insights and master the Chinese Language for free!

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