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High School Programs in China

CIP provides immersive High School Abroad Programs exposing High School students to global and critical thinking.  The program prepares them for college and also to understand the essence of cultural empathy.  Participants are made to learn with their colleagues in High Schools and also Chinese Languages.  Our High School program has been properly researched to give participants the head start and exposure to global thinking as well as preparing them to accept challenges which are vital for their future.  High School abroad programs score highest with the potential of global convergence and cultural integration in our recent research.  In this program, young people are exposed to different cultures and values at an early stage rather than waiting till they are old.

Experience the Chinese Way of Upbringing & Training Which Stresses Modesty, Service to Mankind and Nationhood

Studying abroad isn’t just for college students!  Come learn, discover and understand the world for yourself with China Internship Placements’ High School Abroad Programs in China!  Lessons are taken with our partner High Schools.  This program comes with extra features of enhancement, hosted in china.  Spend your leisure chatting with native Chinese dorm mates or interacting with your host family, gaining knowledge about their lives as Chinese, and practicing the Chinese language as studied in class.  The program challenges participants in the class by allowing them to study familiar subjects in a whole new language.  Participants are guided to know their communities, as well as visit places like the Hypermarket, hospital, post office, restaurants, etc.

While in China, cultural immersion activities will be organized to deeply engage participants in the way Chinese live and why they do what they do.  Unravel the way the Chinese mind works through a common learning experience.  Gain survival skills while living far away from home under the secure watch of our staff, all while participating in a High School Program in China!


Duration and types

This program is available for a Semester or a Year.  Short term programs also exist.  Look at our China High School Summer Camp programs for more information.


High School Program Content

All programs belonging to China Internship Placements’ bouquet of services is power-packed to contain fun, talent discovery, and above all, transformation.  Experience our reliable curriculum, conducive academic environment and Chinese cultural immersion activities that bring your experience alive.  Each day presents a new experience altogether with exciting activities to make participants forget they are even in a whole new environment.


Our program Module allows an effective selection of diverse courses.  These are chosen after consultation with parents and High School teachers, so as to make sure that combinations are relevant for the participants knowledge base.  The subjects include: Communication Arts, Environmental Science, Global Entrepreneurship, Marine Science, Community Service, Geography, Mathematics, Cultural Exchange, and the Chinese Political System.


Participants have a compulsory language study program scheduled into a timetable as per the electives selected above.  There is usually a 20-hour Chinese language class every week.  Lessons are combined with videos, audios, field trips and many state-of-the-art Chinese learning methods.


Our participants are taken to very prominent companies related to their career choice.  The purpose of this is to whip up their interests and get them acquainted with the way these industries are run.  They also spend time understanding work ethics and company operations.


Giving back to society is one message we preach so as to awaken the societal love for our community.  We believe that one’s effort is useless if his toil does not benefit society.  We arrange very meaningful and fulfilling volunteer opportunities in China for our participants.  Some of these projects include: Teaching English in Migrant Schools, Sharing time with Disabled kids like them and other community-related tasks.


We organize trips to very historic sites that participants have read about.  This is the perfect opportunity to make it real.  Check our Cultural trip page for a vivid description.


Cultural Immersion forms part of the program content.  From interaction with host families or dormitory mates to exposure during class lessons, deep immersion is taking place. Also, there are activities such as Chinese Cuisine lessons (eg. cooking dumplings), Calligraphy, Karaoke Visits, Kungfu, Martial Arts, Yoga, & Piano Lessons (to mention just a few).

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China Internship Placements - High School Program


China Internship Placement Lifelong Opportunity

We remain an integral part of our participants’ career and professional life even after they have completed the segments. Participants who join our High School Program have the chance of joining our internship programs for free when they turn 20. We reserve our career advice services for free for our high school participants. We also work with parents in making deciding the career of participants when called upon. We are building a sustainable chain of stakeholder chain and we mean it !! Our experts are always available to help.

Deep and Meaningful Cultural Immersion

Due to our commitment to ensuring cultural immersion and global convergence of cultural ideologies, we give very particular attention to explaining very carefully what these youngsters consume during their time on our program. Our positive energy is committed to making sure that all facets of Chinese culture is explained for effective understanding. These immersions come through classroom lessons and off classroom activities.

Cultural Trips

China has a century-old history which makes it unique and attractive in most regards. Also, the evidence of these historical antecedents have been jealously guarded and preserved by the Chinese people. We, therefore, organize trips to help participants understand the relevance of these stories in what they learn. It presents an opportunity for practical learning and avoiding abstract narrations which are not adequate for the memory. Want to know the kinds of trips are available? Check our Cultural Trips page.

Health Care and Support

Participants in our China High School Program are the youngest of our participants and we don’t joke with their health and safety. We have a 24/7 monitoring and response teams that make sure that they are safe. We have never had a bad record regarding this. We secure health insurance and have partnered licensed hospitals in China with doctors standing by all the time. For all our accommodation options be it Homestay or Campus accommodation, we never flout our promise. Check our Health page for full details.

Cities & Locations

Our High School Program in China is located in very vibrant and safe environments where security is assured and guaranteed. These locations present opportunities for daily immersion encounters and real life situations to know more about China.

Our Commitment and Role

We are committed to making sure that participants get a solidly arranged program with all our standards in mind. Check our application procedure page for Eligibility, Accommodation and care, Insurance and Departure orientations prices and service package.

Summer High School Program



Our standard is that all Homestays are located within 45 minutes or less from campus by public transportation and have two or three bedrooms. Participants are allocated private bedrooms but may share some other facilities like kitchen, living room (some host families arranges separate bathrooms for our participants). We have standards that these homes must meet before we consider them and full standards are found on our Accommodation page. Participants are usually invited to family meals during the week. Nevertheless, participants should prepare an extra budget for other meals and dine out. This accommodation option is highly recommended by our Accommodation department for participants who want to establish dependable networks for future purposes. Our participants in this option will enhance speedy immersion and mastering of Chinese language.


China Internship Placements’ (CIP) study abroad students are assigned to an apartment, which includes a living room, bed and bathrooms, kitchen area, washing machines, and quality Internet access. The cities that host our High School programs in China are very vibrant and culturally dosed to keep participants wanting more.


We value the safety and security of our participants while they are on our program. We therefore have properly laid standards and practices that have been tried and tested over time. Parents and Guardians feel free to trust us on this because we are very transparent and professional when it comes to handling stakeholder expectations. Change in weather and environment could have some ramifications on individuals and this vary from one individual to the other that’s why we do not joke with the health our participants especially in the first few weeks of their arrival. We have had several consultations with superior and governing organizations to audit and re-audit our processes till they are proven to be consistent with Industrial expectations. Our health standards are no exception to this. They have been tried and tested over the years and found to be robust. Our program components included Health Insurance and are to handle and take care of all costs associated with the health care of our participants while they are on the program. Once a participant confirms a placement and makes a deposit, China Internship Placement purchases insurance to that effect. Parents and families of our participants can now relax and be assured their Children are safe.

Pre-Departure Orientations

All China Internship Placements’ High School Abroad, China participants take part in an orientation and briefing segments before starting departing. We provide very important information to all participants to prevent out of the blue expectations. We arrange this session and allow that parents are able to attend together with their children. While this is mandatory, we allow that participants and their parents decide which time is appropriate.

Another set of orientation is conducted while the participants arrive in China. This is the most important aspect of the process it is actually an orientation segment organized for all participants. They are debriefed about how to handle transportation and what hazards are in the city. They also educated about how to comport themselves and rules and regulations governing High Schools in China. Few cultural insights are also explained to participants so that they could make the best out of their acquaintances. All our participants will be picked from the airport upon arrival by China Internship Placement Study Center staff who will also assist in dropping them at the appropriate accommodation. Usually, these same staffs are responsible for coordination all issues relating to the participant to ensure continuity.


One factor that attracts college admission officers is when they realize that applicants have something extra that others do not have. When college admissions staff notice study-abroad experience on applicant profiles, they’ know what it means as it is an opportunity to learn about the world and not just confined to the classroom. They will be happy to have such applicants in their college. It is an indication of curiosity, proactiveness, and awareness about other cultures relevant for proactive thinking. Study-abroad experiences also indicate confidence and ingenuity to succeed. It lays a solid foundation for future employers to desire and hire. In addition to our High School Study Abroad programs, China Internship Placements offers more options to set yours experience on the right ladder:

Summer High School Abroad (China) – A rather shorter term High School Program power packed with contents that has the potential of boosting global awareness and cultural immersion at an intensive rate.

Gap Year Abroad in China – A program for participants between high school and college which brings on opportunities to study Chinese language, Gain some working experience and develop the habit of giving back to society and service to mankind as it is essential for self-satisfaction. Learn more

Landing into college, we will continue to consolidate your experience through our CIP Opportunity Network which makes available very resourceful materials to guide you till you grow. There exist opportunities to also Intern in future for free. China Internship Placements also recruit applicants in the future to work with us because we know your history of experience better than any other institution.

In a Special report carried by B.B.C on the current nature of High School System quoted Andreas Schleicher, an expert adviser on education at the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), saying that the current structure of High School Programs poses a danger where the younger generation is not going to be better educated than the older. And the center of the debate was much about curriculum structure and its ability to challenge thinking. Parents must, therefore, take personal initiative to give their wards that solid background hence a recommendation of our High School Program in China.


High School Application

Apply For High School Program in China

Our application procedure is built to bring out all relevant information needed to make quality program arrangements. Applications are reviewed by experts to make sure the right program components are selected for our applicants.

Prices and Dates


Placement into a high school, Chinese Language Study Tuition, Visa Consultation and documentation, Full housing over the duration of the program, Airport pick up and drop off: Welcome package: City map. Transport card. Mobile phone, Sim card, Orientation

High School Institutes & Cities

High School in China

Our High School Program in China is hosted in various Chinese cities which offfers different immersion flavour to participants. Read more information about the various environments and decide where to go. Our program advisors will also assist you in this decision

High School FAQ

High School Frequently Asked Questions

We envisaged that there were always going to be unanswered questions that you will need clarriffication on. We have therefore put together these components to assist you in the process to arrange a fulfilling High School Program But feel free to contact us for more

Information For Parents

Parents - High School

Parents have always been major deciding factors in High School Programs. This page provides as much information for parents but Our program directors are always on standby to assist in case there is a problem


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