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Our Executive Internships in Beijing and Shanghai present a unique platform for young graduates to enhance their experience through Corporate Grooming, Professional Mentoring, and Entrepreneurial Training in a fast-paced Chinese economy.  Our coaches and mentors help each young person to identify those booming opportunities available for them which are consistent with their individual career aspirations.  We enhance work environment experiences through Internship arrangement, Grooming, Job Shadowing, and Mentoring, targeted at preparing participants for Global Opportunities.  We are proud as a company here at CIP to say, this is the ONLY Internship in China Program with these opportunities.  Cultural activities, business classes, Networking events and travel options are blended to immerse Interns into Chinese Culture.  Participants who successfully complete our Internship in China Program are given access to our CIP Opportunity Network (our International opportunity hub).

You don't need Chinese Language skills in order to intern in China.  All you need is proficient English skills and good reasoning ability, as well as a professional attitude.  Have you got what it takes?

Join CIP's Award winning Executive Internship Program in China

Our Professional internship programs will give you a first-hand insight into working life in a well organized corporate business setting– we're one of the largest Internship Placement agencies in China with a solid track record.  Our Internship participants develop new skills and excellent work experience through challenging responsibilities and hands-on projects within multinational organizations here in China (there's a generous reward, covering living expenses).


Internship in China

Executive Internship in China with Mentoring & Coaching

........... a step out of the comfort zone

CIP's Paid Executive China Internship Program provides Internship Placements across very vital and booming sectors, experiencing everyday changes in policy and investment-wise.  Interning through our program exposes participants to understanding vital factors that shape the Chinese Business Environment and brings one abreast with policy changes.

These internships are stepping stones to greater career paths.  Our Participants who excel during their internships with our Host Companies, stand the chance of being maintained and given a good job offer by them.  CIP also plays the vital role of helping participants launch their careers in China.  Whatever path you end up taking after university, your internship will prove invaluable for the future.  Who can take part in our Program?

  • Undergraduates
  • Graduates
  • Applicants who will be 18 and above at the start of their internship

We are critical about the kind of companies we partner for Internship Placements and we make certain they meet our high standards.

With over 800 Host companies there are more than 2000 vacancies availabe through our envious networks and resources.  We have been able to place more than 3000 participants into internship vacancies in china and we carry an extended network of alumni with amazing stories.  Visit our alumni page for reviews, blogs, and videos and also check out our Internship host company page for more information!

Why Intern with China Internship Placements (CIP)

  Allocation to real Projects

Job descriptions are challenging and each day presents very interesting opportunities.  As a CIP intern, you will be assigned to a real and ongoing projects.  Your job descriptions are set within a partner organization in an industry of your choice.  It is a prerequisite you bring on board a professional attitude, as well as innovative ideas for corporate breakthroughs.  That’s why our internships are dubbed, "a push out of comfort zone".  This way, our interns are able to develop fully their potentials while gaining real experiences and confidence.  Excellent interns land permanent jobs or program extension, with very good terms of service.

  A complete transformation and value addition

One outstanding advantage of our program is that after completion you will be able to lead an organizational strategy into Chinese and other International markets with full confidence. You will learn about policy environments and all the entry strategies available to the Chinese market.

  Performance Appraisal, Onsite support, and feedback

From the arranged targets and performance standards, your output will be measured and recommendations given by your on-sight supervisor.  This includes changes to your Job descriptions to make sure you are completely transformed.  The entire duration of the program is a learning curve where you will be pruned to be efficient and productive.  Your reasoning skills will also be sharpened to solve problems.

  Professional Mentoring

Our number one agenda is to get all participants to be able to lead Internationalization agenda of any Multi-national Organization.  Your supervisor’s role is to make sure he/she mentors you into a fully blossomed corporate Executive asset.  This is done through a variety of meetings and discussions to guide and realign your perceptions towards productivity and how to lead an organization.

  Corporate Grooming

We have in-house trainers to train you to be fit as a corporate executive.  Not all attitudes lead to the top and we will prove to you why.  Our properly designed corporate grooming puts you in a position to lead multinationals to success.  You will learn to time manage yourself as a professional and manage others as well.  For us, it is an opportunity to develop talented youth for the future.

  Entrepreneurial Training

In case you don’t know, we are the only China Internship Program in China with massive resources to train our participants to know how to start businesses International especially in China.  There are numerous opportunities that young people could tap into in China and we use an internship as a stepping stone to make that possible.  So if you are considering developing your ideas and bringing them into the dawning-of-their-success, our all-in-one Internship package will make this happen.  Also, we invest into the ventures of our Interns, especially those with brilliant entrepreneurial ideas, and we are able to link you with Business Incubating houses and Accelerating Houses to help get you started!


We will secure for you the opportunity to meet successful business connections while you take an Internship Program with CIP.  We have developed a solid network of links which our participants benefit from while with us.   Do you want to speak with giant expats, making it big in the Chinese market?  Or would you enjoy the opportunity to speak with corporate executives and begin making business connections for obvious reasons?  Join us here at CIP and we can make that possible!

  Our Image

Over the years, given the strictness of our requirements for interns, as well as for our partner organizations, we are able to match you to the right opportunities, which means you cannot fail when given the chance!  CIP Interns are regarded as achievers and seen as the best out there because we groom you to deliver!  Join the best!  In the past, we recruited only the most intelligent and gifted students from the top Universities, which we still do, but we are now giving the opportunity to each and every person who is able to prove themselves worthy of the CIP Opportunity.

We make sure our participants are equipped enough with Internship experiences and the above expectations.  This will prepare them enough for them to be ready to jump into the job market with confidence and deliver their best!

Internship in China

CIP creates unique and customized internship programs to meet all categories of participants and we invest in this effort.

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