Summer Programs in China

Customized Summer Programs in China

Our Summer Program in China offers intellectual discovery, cross-cultural awareness, and personal growth. By joining one of our Summer Programs, you’ll together with other participants from all over the world gain a complete awareness about Chinese Business Environment and Economy, confidence, and skills to help prepare you for life.

China Internship Placements has for the past 8 years been organizing Safe and captivating Summer Programs in all cities China with 93% positive reviews and satisfaction. Just as our philosophy indicates, we review our programs each year to reflect changing situations for Summer Programs and incorporating new Standards. It is our passion and we do it best.Our Summer Programs incorporate a complete blend of ignited Experience, excitement and above all transformation. No wonder we are the only Internship and Study Abroad Professionals with huge research department. We release at least 3 reports from our field every year. We ensure our participants and remain responsible for their safety.

Summer Programs in China

While we provide mainstream programs running any time of the year, we also hold summer and winter programs to serve participants who are busy with their academic work during the year. Our International Summer Programs in china are meant for Young graduates, undergraduates and all and sundry who would like to make meaningful use of the summer with travel opportunities.

Our programs are held in China’s magnificent cities with future opportunities for Young Graduates and High School Students. These cities present golden opportunities whichever is finally selected as the destination, the value is the same CIP will make sure participants’ expectations are met. Our summer Programs in Shanghai is ideal and content rich. Shanghai is a commercial giant, financial and cultural hub, and home to the largest container port on Earth. Taking your Internships and study programs will bring the world to your doorstep.

Beijing is no exception it is a living testimony to a coexistence of modern and historical part of China. It comes with full swag as its culture and accent is considered the native of Mandarin. Other interesting cities like Shenzhen which is very close to Hong Kong with at least 2 international companies formed each day that is what we call economic speed. Nanjing also like Beijing has serious developments and historical antecedents worth knowing about.

Our Summer Programs in China is targeted at the young and curious. High School Students who join our summer Programs get the opportunity to intern for free when they enter college.

Don’t hesitate to come and witness China in action. Where economic development is felt in everyday life, policies are passed every now and then and growth is seen just like the speed of light. Don’t be left out this and any other summer. Summer Internship program in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and Nanjing will build your business knowledge from a global perspective.

Major China Summer Programs

Our major summer programs are classified into two major categories. Visit these pages for more

  • Summer Intensive Chinese language study
    • University programs
    • Intensive Summer Chinese Study Program organized by CIP
    • Intensive Summer Camps
    • Summer Study and Tours
  • Summer Internships in China

Summer Camp Program in China

Most preferred Summer  Program Combinations by Past Participants

Whichever program you are considering falls under our two major categories

  • Sumer Internships in China
  • Sumer Internships For High School Students in China
  • Summer Jobs in China
  • Summer Teach Abroad
  • Summer Language Program
  • Summer HSK preparations
  • Summer High School
  • Summer Enhancement Programs
  • Summer Camp in China
  • Summer for Teens Program
  • Summer Volunteer
  • Summer One on one
  • Summer Group

Summer Program Application Procedure

Our application procedures are simple and straight forward

      1. Fill out our application forms on our Application page
      2. Attach all necessary and important documents as indicated (Resume/ CV, motivation statement)
      3. CIP programs committee will review your application and inform you about next step
      4. Attend interview
      5. Decision Communicated
      6. Deposit payment
      7. All arrangements begin
      8. Visa Process consultation
    9. Let's Go China

Intensive Chinese Language

Summer Language Program

Spend this and any other summer getting immersed in a dynamically new language learning environment that challenges you to explore beyond the little part of the world you know. China Internship Placements’ (CIP) Summer Intensive Chinese Language

Summer Internships

Summer Internship

China Internship Placements’ (CIP) Affordable Summer Internship Program presents an opportunity to revamp and enhance your experiences while learning Chinese language and getting deeply immersed into the local culture. It is a combination of our China professional Internship

Summer Prices

Internship in China Prices

Our affordable summer Programs Contain the following components to keep you comfortable and at ease throughout your internship in China. Our programs contain the following components.

Summer Locations

Summer Internship Locations

Experiencing summer studies in Beijing, the capital city of the most populous nation could create memories that will last for a lifetime. Experience the harmonious coexistence of Modern and traditional China

Parental Info Hub

Information for Parents

CIP’s Internship and Study Abroad Programs are designed for safety and our processes and procedures are transparent. We remain responsible to you. Check out more reasons we are the number sure option for your child


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