Group and Private Study

Group Chinese Language Study Programs

Imagine learning Chinese in a multinational environment with participants drawn from all over the world!  Now, partner that with the best Specialized Language Institutions licensed by the Chinese governments to teach foreigners, and you have one awesome recipe for bilingual success!  Our group Study Abroad lessons ensures participants Study Chinese Language at an accelerated level whilst encountering Chinese culture immersion every day.

Lessons place participants in engaging lessons with professional language tutors while daily encounters pose real-life situations to develop Chinese Language Speaking skills and confidence.

Intensive Chinese Language Studies

The curriculum structure was developed by language experts.  Participants under this program are either interns or Chinese language participants who are taking Chinese lesson as a major course, either for the first time or as an upgrade.  There exist classes for all levels:  Basic, Elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced.  Participants who also would like to take Chinese HSK, we have specially arranged classes which speed mastery so they could pass with distinction.  These programs are also organized for groups who would like to come to China with a personalized itinerary with Cultural trips and many more.  

It involves 20 hours of standard study and 30 hours of intensive study, arranged in a very conducive atmosphere, and with state of the art/well-equipped classrooms. 

We have a dedicated staff in charge of arranging group classes.



-      This program is the choice of school for many in the  Expat Community who are working in China, as well as Embassy Staff, Chambers of Commerce, International Companies, and International Universities. 

-      Lessons are arranged in small groups and are made to be very interactive, ensuring learning is fun yet effective!

-      Low participant to language instructor ratios  

-      The target of tutors is equipping participants to master the language within the shortest possible time.

-      Maximum of 3 months, enough for mastery in the ability to start and complete conversations successfully

-      Participants are assessed rigorously to ascertain their Chinese level and are placed into an appropriate class.

-      China Internship Placements provide all learning materials required


One-On-One (Private Tutoring) Chinese Language Study Program

Language study should not be rudimentary and strict, but varied and with a plethera of teaching methods to make the study come alive for participants.  This is how Language learning is evolving, and what helps guaranty quality.

China Internship Placements’ Private Chinese language Study Program is designed and customized with the participant’s requirements and needs duly considered.  It's main advantage is the flexibility aspect which allows participants to study the Chinese Language as they desire.  It is usually preferred by busy Business Executives, Interns, and Individuals who have very erratic schedules, and provides that classes could be rescheduled if needed.

It is taught by tutors from reputable Chinese Universities experienced with more than 5 years of teaching Chinese language as a second International Language.  They are Chinese natives properly trained in the field.

Proper assessment is made for starting participants off at a level corresponding with their current fluency in Chinese. Teaching materials are provided by China Internship Placements at no extra cost.  On the first day of class, the expectations of the participant are exploited by the Tutors and class scheduled to fit these requirements.  The expectation of our participants is the prime standard, as well as other established professional processes of language study. After all, value for the money to our Participants is what we strive for!

Classes could be arranged at the convenience of participants either in their private accommodation, in our professional classrooms, or through the use of other venues as agreed between the tutor and the participant.  Our role is to make sure that whatever venue is selected, quality is not compromised.

Summer High School


  • One on One Private Chinese Language learning arrangements.
  • Classes are available for all manner of participants from Basic beginners to advanced and proficient participants. Remember we know that not all participants are created equally.
  • Professionally customized Chinese Study curriculum structure.
  • Flexible lesson periods.
  • Free Business and Arts Electives
  • Language partners introduced different from the instructors to boost practice and exposure
  • This program includes Travels, excursions and trips to very fascinating tourist sites.
  • Different Accommodation options with immersion options
  • Blending with other free programs like teaching (extra money making and cost recouping options), Volunteering, Travel etc 



China Internship Placement keeps innovating, researching and identifying the best ways of assessing our participants.  Chinese Language Study never occurs in the vacuum when it comes to us.  Haven't learned the language for a while? That's okay, among other hands-on, language learning activities we use, our participants are taken to places with real-life situations and are asked to communicate and have fun practicing.  This has proven to be very efficient and effective!  Assessments are made on the spot and corrections made in a natural, light-hearted, yet effective manner.

Participants are also exposed through making speeches during seminars and events.  Preparations are made together with tutors.  These are real experiences that put participants on the spot to dig out the language genius skills in them. 




Standard Program Content

-      Participants will study general Chinese including speaking, listening, and writing.  

-      business Chinese,

-      HSK preparation

-      other Chinese language courses are also available for participants to select like: business, law, commerce, current affairs, reading, speaking, etc.




Components of our Chinese language and Immersion programs are rich and exhaustive, to give our participants the best exposure, inducing a complete understanding of Chinese Culture (Including Language) and its diverse people.  We make thorough research and expert consultations to vary them with, for the purpose of Participant satisfaction 

Chinese language Lessons

China Internship Placements’ Group and one-on-one language Study Programs entail 4-6 hours of study per day, arranged for morning and afternoon, or evening sessions (depending on whether Standard or Intensive).  In our Group Programs, each week participants will engage in 12 hours of lessons and tutorials as well as 4 hours of private tutorials with a Chinese language instructor.  Chinese language courses are offered from beginning through advanced levels. Due to complete flexibility, participants are allowed to choose a combination of study environments such as: home, executive lecture theaters, and many more.  The length of the program starts from 4 weeks to 12 months, and begins any day or time of the year.  The curriculum entails: Speaking, Writing and Hearing at various standards and ranging from: Basic to elementary, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate and Advanced levels.  The test is conducted by our Professional Chinese Language tutors to ascertain the level of language participants before classes start.  Based on the level, study materials are recommended and provided by China Internship Placements Limited.  Our tutors are drawn from top class Universities and Language Institutions with at least 5 years experience of teaching Chinese language as a second International Language.  They also at their time of appointment have taught at least 50 to 60 International students Chinese the language full time.

Chinese Language lessons

Practicum - Chinese Language in Practice

Our programs are effectively combined with a couple of language study options which have been proven to work over the years.  Our participants are allocated Language Study partners that facilitate practice.  Our accommodation options also give participants opportunity to practice the Chinese language in a real and practical situation at home and/or on the job during internships.  


We offer a combination of diverse accommodation options which are cost effective and which comes handy in also aiding with cultural Immersion.  Our dedicated team guides our language students in carefully selecting appropriate accommodation options.  They are: Host Family System, Shared Apartments, Private Studios, and Hotel accommodations.  Although we allow participants to decide, we strongly recommend Host Family and Shared Apartments, as they pose an atmosphere for interaction with local Chinese, which naturally speeds proficiency.  Whichever option is selected, we make sure they meet our standard.  For more details on this, visit our main accommodation page for info regarding options and their inclusions such as meals, internet, etc.

Optional Courses and Business Lectures

In order to seal the experience of our participants and make them complete as International intellectuals, China Internship Placements arrange Business courses, suc as, Understanding Chinese Business Model (CIP/BL/CBM), Cross-Cultural and Exchange management (CIP/BL/CCEM) check out our business Lectures page for more.  These segments are designed to equip our participants with the skills and in-depth knowledge about understanding the business terrain in China, starting their own business opportunities (they spot while in china), and being able to lead negotiations and business communication with Chinese.

Guided Trips, Networking Events and Full Immersion

We arrange varying Professional Business and Networking Events for our students to participate in.  These events are organized by our partner Big International Event Management Firms, who bring together Expats, Diplomats, Successful Foreign Entrepreneurs in China and The Chinese Business Community.  This presents a golden opportunity for our participants to socialize and meet industry experts.  Participants could also meet Business Incubator Organizers that guide startup plans till they see reality.  China Internship Placements also organizes a couple of activities such as fun and cultural activities where participants learn intricate Chinese cultural practices, such as: Kungfu classes, Yoga, KTV, Calligraphy Practice, Painting, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, and Chinese Cuisine Lessons.  Navigate to our Cultural Activities page for full details.

Guided trips and excursions are used to brief participants about the Chinese History and the trajectory of Chinese development.  This presents history in perspective.  Some of these trips are organized to the Forbidden City, The Great Wall, Summer Palace etc.  At China Internship placements, there exist numerous opportunities to study the Chinese language in China, combined with out-of-class activities to make lessons come alive for participants.  Have a brief look at our Business Seminars page and Cultural Activities page for details.

Other Services

We provide very supportive packages for our participants starting from application through to arrangements, departure and arrival, and to the end of the Chinese Language Study Program in China.  These services include visa support & documentations, 24/7 hour staff contact and emergency response, and a range of other essential services.  Because the courses can be demanding, we make sure to include as many components as possible to aid comfort and peace of mind, and to help our participants be able to concentrate on their Studies while we sort out every arrangement.  For more information, please click on our Program Content page for more details.

Welcome Package

From the background of previous experience, 90% of our participants have never been to China and their first few days could be challenging.  We promise to stay around, helping get over the jet lag!  It is a whole family and other participants also help new arrivals in getting along with the new environment.  We have also included several materials in the welcome package to help the situation.  Events such as airport pickup and drop off, banquets dinner with CIP family, local mobile phone and sim card, transport card, vivid orientation, city map and Chinese survival lessons.  Our Arrival Package page gives full details


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