High School FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions 

   Can I request a certain city or region to pursue my High School Program in China? 

The best practice is to explain your expectations to and what you want to our Program Advisers who will then help locate a city and Program Location which is ideal for you. However,  our programs allow regional preferences. These preferences are taken into consideration during the application. The family home stay is at the heart of any exchange, so finding the right family is our first priority and should be yours. It is important all participants go into any high school in China Program with an open mind about what their family may be like, where they live, whether or not they have children, etc.

  . How do we get passports and visas?

If you already have a passport, make sure that it will not expire prior to your return date. Usually, your passport must be valid for six months after your program ends. If you need a new passport or need to renew your existing one, please visit the right department in your country to do so.


   How often should we expect to hear from CIP?

Plan to log in to your CIP account regularly as you prepare for your departure. Important information and resources are there for your use. Watch for regular communication via email in the four months preceding your departure. Closer to the departure date, the communication is very frequent.

When filling out an application it is vital that you enter email addresses for yourself and your parents or guardians. CIP communicates very important information by way of email, including: visa information, host family details, pre-departure orientation dates, etc. If you apply up to a year before departure, there may be some lapses before regular communication is again established. Don’t worry! You can contact CIP by phone or email any time. We hope that your CIP User account will answer most of your concerns, and we will continually update it with new information. Just keep in touch. 


   Is there any financial aid for programs?

CIP has a limited number of merit-based partial scholarships for high school semester/academic year-long programs. The application for this scholarship must be turned in no later than the scholarship application deadline. Visit our Scholarship Page for more details


   When will we find out the host family information?

You and your family will have a chance to see your host family’s informational sheet and to communicate with them by phone or email prior to departure. The exact date of this placement is impossible to predict because so many factors go into making a good placement. If you have been accepted into a program, you will have a host family placement in time to obtain a visa and travel.


   How can I change the date of my return flights?

Every program has an end date, and the tickets should be purchased for that date. Our fare class is for students, so the availability of seats is limited on each date. Ticket dates are changeable for a fee, but this must be done well in advance of travel. Students must return on the same airline, with the same itinerary as originally booked. All changes are the responsibility of the student and his/her family directly with the airline. We are nevertheless always willing to extend program durations if participants could handle flight changes.


  . How will my son/daughter get money while abroad?

All participants should check with their bank to see what their policy is in regards to withdrawing funds and using bank issued debit/credit cards abroad. In many countries, the preferred means of payment is still cash so having access to it is very important. We discourage participants from using either traveler’s checks or personal checks while in China. CIP can act as the intermediary for relaying cash to applicants through our International Bank transfers, Paypal and Master Card. Participants could also gain access to international Money Transfers such as western union and money gram. Once sent, our Program Coordinators will assist your child collect them


   Will I be covered by insurance while participating in a CIP High School Abroad Program?

Students are covered by CIP international travel insurance in addition to any coverage provided by the primary insurance provider. The  policy covers any unforeseen or unexpected accidents or illnesses while in CHina. If students require medical attention, they will often have to pay up-front for any costs and then we assist in submitting a claim.


   Can I take the SATs or AP exams while on your High School Program in China?

Many of the college entrance exams that are given in the U.S. or else where are available abroad at designated test centers. Please visit the College Board website for information on taking these exams overseas and to find exam locations and dates. Please be aware that CIP will not schedule these exams for you and that the SAT/AP exam test centers may not be in your host town/city. Transportation and accommodation for testing is the responsibility of the participant. It is important to inform your local coordinator well in advance, since it may take some time to arrange travel permission.


   Will the grades that I receive abroad affect my high school grade point average?

Foreign grading systems are quite different, so evaluating them on the American grading scale is often difficult. The student's GPA should not be affected by the courses taken abroad. It is important you involve your U.S. high school throughout the pre-departure process. We will also coordinate with your institution to make sure that all documents are provided help the program qualify for college credit submission 


   I’m interested in travel. Will I be able to travel during my CIP High School Year in Cina?

Backpacking through a country may be enticing if you are only interested in tourism. But to understand a community you must spend time in it. Living and studying alongside the people in your host country will maximize the richness of your international experience. CIP's High School Abroad program provides the chance to get to know a country, its people, and challenges, in a way that is otherwise difficult to come by. We do allow independent travel. Please keep in mind that even if a program allows it, you must have a travel release form signed by your local coordinator, natural parents, and CIP Staff. Additionally, under no circumstances are students permitted to miss school to travel.


   What is a language immersion program?

Have you ever heard someone say "I can understand Chinese fine, I just can't speak or write it?" A language immersion program is usually designed to ensure that you can both speak and understand a foreign language. By forcing you to use whatever level of foreign language skills that you might possess, a language immersion program will surround you with a foreign language. You will use that language for everything, from discussing literature to finding the restroom. By fully committing to a language immersion program you may be tired at the end of the day, but by the end of the program you will be much more proficient than when you started.


  Can I speak with a past participant and their parents?

CIP maintains a list of alumni students  who are enthusiastic about talking to potential students and their families. Request to talk to a former participant by email.


  . How will I ensure that my child is safe overseas? What if I have a specific concern?

CIP is dedicated to providing all participants and parents with comprehensive support throughout the duration of the program. CIP’s Support Team maintains close communication with Program Coordinators on the ground as well as supervising resident Tutor and regularly receives updates on student adjustment throughout the year. While the local coordinator is your first source of assistance locally, the Support Team is always available as a resource for participants and parents. They are trained and experienced in managing conflict, assisting with cultural adjustment issues, and providing support for emergency situations. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced, and will be more than happy to answer questions, provide assistance, or discuss student concerns. The CIP Support Team is available 24/7 via phone and is also available by email or Skype.



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