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We run Chinese Language Study Abroad Programs in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Nanjing. These cities host thousand of International Students looking to study Chinese Language in China. These cities are the epitome of historical China and cultural value and therefore present deep immersion opportunities. They are among the best places to be on earth all year round. We try as much as possible to match Client expectations to locations as well. It is proven that learning language in native environment speeds mastery. Join our programs either in Beijing Shanghai, Nanjing or Shenzhen all year round for Intensive Chinese language study, University Mandarin Study, Group Chinese Language Study or Private Lessons. Get challenged everyday with opportunities to put into practice vocabularies and chunks of sentences learnt in class.  

In order to appreciate these cities in which our Chinese Language Program in China are run, we recommend you visit Our Study Chinese Program Pages for Beijing, Shanghai Shenzhen and Guangzhou. To consolidate the exact feeling, we prepared a city review of all these pages as well which gives a panoramic view of these cities.

Study Standard Chinese Language (mandarin) in the following cities:
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Study Chinese in Beijing

Study Mandarin in Beijing

Our Study abroad in Beijing program is an ideal and unique opportunity for participants to learn the ever important Chinese language also known as Mandarin.

Study Chinese in Shanghai

Study Mandarin in Shanghai

CIP’s Study Abroad program in Shanghai sharpens participants’ Mandarin language skills, held in one of the most dynamic, fast paced developing cities in the world. Be part of something special

Study Chinese in Shenzhen

Study Mandarin in Shenzhen

Our Study Abroad in Shenzhen program is designed to equip participants with quickest and surest way to mastering the Chinese language through the combination...

Study Chinese in Nanjing

Study in Nanjing University

Our Study Abroad in Nanjing Program combines structured intensive Chinese lessons of University standard with Internship programs, immersion...


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