Mentoring and Coaching

Internship with Mentoring and Coaching


Internships with Entrepreneurial Training, Mentoring, and Coaching

These program components differentiate us on the mission of value addition. These are topics that our mentors handle:

·         Mock Interview & Feedback

·         Creating a High-Impact Resume

·         Career Strengths & Interests Assessment

·         Branding Yourself & Online Presence

·         Networking & Leveraging Social Media

·         Resume Submission Strategies & Techniques

·         Applying For Jobs That Others Don’t Know Exist

·         Interview Tactics & Preparation

·         Closing The Deal & Salary Negotiation

Coaching and Mentoring

Career journey could be frustrating and lonely and sometimes be daunting such that most young people give up. The central issue has been the fact that there is usually no dedicated expert around to keep the advice coming. In such an empty environment, young graduates make mistakes which they regret.

There is the need for an expert with the right expertise to guide young people mentor and steer them. And the right place to do that is during their internships while they are sober willing to gain experiences related to their area of study. In this setting, there is an ideal Mentor and coach. The mentor has all the qualities to provide leadership to young people. This is because they have the experiences relevant to the industry of these interns.  

The Process:

We employ very professional and matured approach to matching interns to their life changing Mentors. First of all, the process is so unique such that interns are allocated a Mentor at the workplace who on daily basis converses with interns just about anything to break the ice and create the right atmosphere for mentoring.

Then we also have in place a Coach, who is an external Expert usually from the same country as the Intern or similar. They provide fresh insights on the trend of jobs and Job market demands which is relevant for fixing the right Job descriptions.


China internship has an intricate evaluation system in place to make sure that interns perform as required. We dispatch evaluation forms to supervisors and the interns themselves. This is to help us match expectations and make changes along the way to maximize participant exposure

Entrepreneurial Training

To add value to our participants, we assemble a very solid and competent team of entrepreneurs. These individuals have made it in China bringing up their own businesses. We also draw a lot of our trainers from China Accelerators; the largest business incubating business in China located in Beijing and Shanghai.

These training are organized and topics treated are:

  1. Launching your career in China
  2. Doing business in China: the intricacies
  3. Policy Changes and impact on new businesses
  4. Cultural impact on business
  5. How to get funding in China
  6. Rising industries in China and viable business opportunities
  7. How to locate Chinese business Partners
  8. The art of networking
  9. Finance and Management Science for entrepreneurs
  10. Including all best practices for international entrepreneurs

You may also read more about our networking program component which is also very vital avenues for meeting Business Executives.


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