Business Internships in China

Business Internships in China

We are the first-ever China Internship Program provider to have revolutionized the placement of Young Graduates into International Internships. We offer very innovative components to equip participants to build their Professional Portfolio, enable them take advantage of Global Opportunities and develop Entrepreneurial Skills relevant to Starting up International Businesses.  We have added professional Grooming, Entrepreneurial Training, and Executive Mentoring, as well as Job Shadowing to deliver 'Talent' transformation which has been absent for a long time.  We believe that 21st century Young Graduates needs a 21st-century Internship placement to be prepared for the volatile job market.

Business Internship in China

China Internship Placements (CIP) has developed Professional Internship Programs in China, making provisions for all manner of Young People. We believe that one size Internship does not fit all.  This was a fact we confirmed via a survey conducted by CIP in 2013, and which proved that every intern has a special need to be met and which requires discrete program components.  Over 780 interns placed in Beijing and Shanghai in the year 2013 were carefully studied, and we noticed that factors such as country of origin, program of Interest, and expectations all were strong contributing factors to the impact it had on individuals and in determining the relevance of Internship Programs for each one.  Since these factors vary from one intern to another, it poses the lucid need to us for developing flexible and customizable internship programs.

The cities that host our Internship Programs pose several opportunities for professional growth and development.  They are properly developed with all infrastructures and booming with investments.  They are top ranking cities in China.  Shanghai has the inevitable attraction for obvious reasons and is being transformed to be the financial hub of China mainland.  Beijing is no exception as the head of China’s political seat and is located right in its bosom.  Get more info about our cities by looking at our website, go to About CIP, then Branches.

Duration of these programs range from 1 to 12 months

1. Professional Internships in China for Career Training, Professional Grooming and Mentoring with (Optional language Courses)

Our China Internship for Professional career training comes with optional language study.  It comes handy with lots of opportunities for Young graduates to be mentored on the job while gaining deep cultural immersion.  The Business Internship in China exists in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou.

Participants in this Intern Abroad program will learn about work ethics, corporate culture and structure, fiscal policies and regulatory impacts that shape the Chinese investment environment, dealing with typical workplace issues, and also gaining important skills such as networking in China, and Starting Up Businesses in China.  Participants in this program are networked for future business ventures in China.  There are numerous opportunities with the current Chinese Economy which are available to be 'tapped into' by our participants.

China Internship Placements is associated with a lot of Incubating Businesses that help startups, and we do not hesitate recommending our clients to these companies.  This is available all year-round.  Participants start the program as early as possible and we recommend giving at least 6 weeks time.  

Availability Of Our Internship Program

  • All year round
  • Summer
  • Fall/ Spring
  • Winter
  • Autumn

  • 2. Industrial Placements in China (Annual / Year Placements in china)
    This is an Internship program that is created for Universities and Study Abroad offices with the requisite staff for coordination.  This is a special stream of staff properly trained to handle this.  The program is meant for Universities with strict requirements that Students must intern before graduating.  These programs are customized from one university to another.  Individual Students could also join this type of internship.  We help with all the documentation and necessary paperwork to make the internship as valid and rewarding as possible.  Within this program we collaborate with Study Abroad Offices to customize programs for their students.  It usually is long term in nature and has language and tour components.  We also organize business classes for interns as a supplementary service.  Participants who would like to volunteer could do that at no extra cost.

    Availability: All year round in the following Cities
  • Beijing
  • Shanghai
  • Shenzhen
  • Guangzhou
  • Business Internships in China
    3. Career exposure and Enhancement Internships
    This Internship program is meant for youngsters who are bent on gaining insights into their future career and selected career pathway.  It exposes participants extensively to work ethics, job roles, progression paths and other related issues.  Participants are placed on a short-term exposure mission in selected company with a minimum duration of 4 weeks.  Internship participants in our enhancement programs are made to understudy a business executive who mentors and trains our participants, giving them regular/even daily feedback on what it takes to be in such a position.  There is also a complete orientation given to participants about the growing trend of their career sectors and future prospects.  This program is ideal for High School Students and fresh College and University entrants.  We also combine language study, job shadowing, and travel options to make the moment more memorable than ever.

    4. Customized China Internship Programs
    After all the above, because we believe that all interns are not created the same, we make room for customization and personalization of all our China Internship Programs.  This enables participants from all walks of life to join us and benefit from Professional Internship Programs.  We believe in and celebrate diversity.

    Internship in China Through Our Prestigious Programs Has The Following Advantages:

  • Getting hands-on International experience working in an international business environment
  • Being professionally groomed
  • Mentoring 
  • International Entrepreneurial Training (Deluxe Package)
  • Insight into policy atmosphere which is relevant asset for future international business executives
  • Training on how to Lead a Chinese Market Entry Strategies (most international organizations are willing to hire young people with these skills)
  • Chinese Language Speaking Skills with one-on-one studies and flexible options (3 months is enough to start basic conversations)
  • Building one's profile with international experiences & on the job exposures
  • Discovering the history and culture of century-old China through trips and site-seeing
  • We invest into the business ideas of our participants

  • Scholarships & Grants
    China Internship Placements is devoted to giving opportunities to as many young graduates as possible.
    Simply navigate to our Study and Intern Abroad Scholarship page to read more and apply.

    All interns are not created exactly the same, so we aim to treat every participant as unique and with special requirements.  The exceptionality of the programs we offer here at C.I.P makes our candidates excited about their choices and gives an end result which is absolute satisfaction.  When they arrive in China, every moment marks a new experience.
    We at China Internship Placements value every experience and share the joy as well.  We therefore invest resources into designing programs of a high caliber because we see how rewarding it is.  We do this through much work, research and expert involvement.
    Read about the strength of our Internship Programs on Why CIP page and have your questions answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page.


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