Internship Prices and Dates

If It Must be Done, It Must be done Well! 
A good internship should provide you the opportunity to be Mentored and Coached by industry leaders, preparing you for a successful Career Journey! This Ensures complete transformation and creates solid Career Awareness.

China Internship Placement is bent on making sure that every penny invested into our Internship programs returns the maximum benefit.  Which is why we invest into contents available to choose from on the fees paid. These prices do not apply to Hospitality and hotel Internships since most Hotels provide accommodation to interns 

Internship Prices and Dates


Our Services Are Split Into Basic, Standard and Premium Packages and We Provide Comprehensive Health Insurance worth $1,000,000 of care and Emergency Evacuation 


Guaranteed Executive Internship Placement 
CIP's Placement team will arrange an internship into a sector and within a competitive corporate environment that heats you up for the Journey ahead [Read More]
CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices
Professional Mentoring and Corporate Grooming 
You will be matched to Professional Career Coaches from the Silicon Valey and Wall Street. Their responsibility is to make sure you are ready for the Job Market. [Read More]
X CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices

CV/ Resume Review and Linkedin Profile Preparation

Get ready for more! Your online profiles and Job search materials will be edited and properly vetted to reflect the real YOU!
X   CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices 
Chinese Language Study (Private Class - One on one) 
You will have access to 6 hours of Chinese language lessons administered by Professional Tutors licensed by the government to teach Mandarin to Foreigners [Read More]
CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices
Fully Furnished Housing and Accommodation
Our Accommodation facilities are located at the city center with ease of access to subways and transport systems. [Read More]
X CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices
CIP Insurance Card which Provides Insurance and other Travel Benefits 
We provide a comprehensive health care needs to al interns with coverage up to $1,000,000. The insurance covers all bills without an upfront payment [Read More]
X CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices

Welcome Package:  

Airport pick-up and drop off, City map, Transportation card (for bus and subway), Mobile phone, SIM card, Orientation [Read More]
CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices

Business Classes and Seminar, Networking events  

Wine and dine with the Business community, expats, and Entrepreneurs in China. Its an opportunity to gain some social capital [Read More]
X CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices

Full-time 24/7 Program Leadership and Support [

CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices
 Pre and Post Departure Orientation and Briefing [Read More]** X CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices
Certificate and Reference Materials** CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices
Social and Cultural Activities  X CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices
Introduction to Other Legal Income Generating Opportunities** CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices
Exit orientation for professional reflection on next career steps** -  CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices
Full Access to our Permanent Job Database of over 1000 Partner companies** CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices CIP Gap Year Prices
Entrepreneurial Training [Read More] X X  CIP Gap Year Prices
Travel & Tour to Historical Sites with Cultural Activities and Know China Tour [Read More] X X  CIP Gap Year Prices
Our Professional Language Team Will Translate your CV Into Chinese version for Job Search in China**  X X CIP Gap Year Prices
We help Distribute Your CV to Partner Companies Looking for Permanent Employees** X X CIP Gap Year Prices

Components marked ** are Value addition services and are not priced

                              xx are not included in the package
                              --  Partially available 


These prices do not apply to Hospitality Internships. Since Hotels provide accommodation. Ask for a recalculated program price during the conversation with your Personal Program Coordinator


 Component Basic Package Standard Package Premium 


Get the Best deal from your

Personal Program Adviser

  2 Months $2000 $4599
  3 Months $2300 $5699
  4 Months $2700 $6980
  5 Months $3000 $8340
  6 Months $3200 $9230
  7-12 Months Available  Available Available 

*  All Prices Are in U.S. dollars

*  Participants Can Choose to Top Their Standard Program with Premium which is available for $2700 additional fee.  The benefits are well worth the investment.

Note: The prices above are for the FULL-SERVICE PACKAGE.  Applicants on a tight budget,can customize the components of their package by eliminating some elements in order to reduce the price drastically!  Feel free to customize and email us via inquiry@cipinternships for a quick price quote.


Budget Constrained?

Though we encourage our interns to pick full package in order to maximize the CIP Experience, we also admit that there may be instances where cost could be a major deterrent.  We combine discounts, grants, scholarships and fee-waiving, as well as program customization to deliver Executive Internships without compromising quality.  Contact us at your convenience and we will see how we can assist you in making it happen!  Apply now 


Our inbuilt flexibility allows our Internship programs to be available all year round from January to December.  At any particular time, there is a readily available China Internship Program.  This allows you the flexibility of time to plan your internship.

Why CIP 

Study Mandarin in China

CIP's Programs have grown beyound borders with massive positive reviews.  The real reasons we stand out is our exceptional program components

Program Contents

Internship Program Components

CIP’s Study and International Internships in China Programs presents bright opportunities for Young graduates to acquire skills relevant for their development and future prospects.

Payment Options

Payment Options

China Internship Placements provides affordable internship and Study Abroad Programs in China.  We charge affordable prices for our Internship in China Program as well as, China Study Abroad.

Study & Internship Scholarships

Study Mandarin in China

China Internship Placements Opportunity Network identifies and allocates funds each year to help motivated students mitigate participant burdens.  Check our shemes here 

Fund Your Program

Internship Program fees

Resources such as money shouldn’t be an obstacle in participating in our life-changing and experience enhancing programs.  We, therefore, partner with several organizations who share...


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