Application Process

Standardized Application Process for Study and Intern Abroad Programs

We have standardized our application process, as China Internship Placements’ Applications Review Staff tries their best to critically analyze every single application.  Due to the amount of applications we get every day, we try to make sure that every client is given equal attention.  We have therefore outlined the following steps to guide applicants in applying for our China Internships and Study Abroad Programs.  We encourage you to visit our prices and dates page to be aware of the deadlines for programs, as we would hate for you to miss them!

Internship Placement Process

It is real that the demand for internships in China has increased over the recent years and the benefits of interning in China cannot be overly emphasized.  It is obvious because the winds of speedy economic growth can be felt in China as well as outside of it's borders, and this has warranted a corresponding increase in the hunt for talents abroad by multinational companies here in China.  Their main requirement, is to locate Young graduates that have what it takes to be team players and who are innovative enough to carry out corporate agendas.  China Internships Placements is one of the largest Internship Service Providers in China.  CIP is properly networked to these Multinational Organizations who are in search of fine 'Talents'.  We have been able to place more than 2000 applicants- an enourmous and rewarding experience!  We do not play games with our applicants.  Apply to enjoy our services, as that’s the best way to launch your career with International Internships for Graduates.

For more information about our alumni reviews we recommend you visit our Review main page for Video Testimonials, Reviews, Diaries, Blogs and what the news media is saying about us....

Application Requirements

Program Requirements

Spend this and any other summer getting immersed in a dynamically new language learning environment that challenges you to explore beyond the little part of the world you know. China Internship Placements’ (CIP)

Application Timeline

Program Application Timeline

As CIP would like to maintain the highest standard professionalism and fairness in the placement process, we make sure all applications whether online or through downloaded application forms


Internship Interview

e believe that establishing connections and communication is the start of every meaningful relationship. We therefore conduct Interviews on all applicants to ascertain their expectations.

Terms of Payment

Internship Prices

Our affordable China Internship program in china is becoming most popular year by year because our Internship and study programs are reviewed and enhanced every 6 months.


Program Expectations

China Internship Placements Limited has agreed on standards with Our Partner Organizations which every intern should meet to be considered for the various positions.


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Step 1
Our Programs

Assess our China programs and choose one that suits your interest:- Internship, travel, Study, Jobs

Step 2
Program Guides

Critically view our China Program contents, dates, fees, locations and contact us for more informations.

Step 3

Get more information from reviews, blogs, bulletins, forums, videos to get a feel of the program

Step 4

We believe in you and would love to give you that transformative experience.
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