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Gap Year in China! Receives a lot of applications all year round. And we are very mindful of how we handle these applications. We have therefore designed a standardized application procedure to make sure every applicant is treated equally with much professional service. We also make sure applicants get the best interaction with our resource personnel in order to define their expectations.

Due to how relevant internships are for our participants’ career aspirations and goals, we recommend that applicants start their process as quickly as possible in order to get more options. Our China Gap Year Applications have been rising steadily and 2015 alone saw over 2000 applicants. We allocate personal Program Advisers to all applicants and we have over 16 of them as well as a personal Placement Director who is an expert in Career planning. We do not place your future in the hands of Sales staff because it is delicate.

For more information on other programs kindly check our programs page for more insights.

CIP's standardized Application steps are

   Apply: Visit our to Apply Now Page and fill out the details and within hours, your dedicated Program adviser will respond to initiate the process and give you more information
  Take the interview: This is a very important aspect of the process. We try to understand what applicants want and how they want it, their career aspirations and current circumstances. This will enable our Placement Directors to customize your program. They will evaluate your skills through normal conversations to know what you want.
   Make program deposit payment. Check our price page for more.
   We start to generate offers for you till you are satisfied.
   Select the right offer and bingo!!!!

We are committed to making sure that you get exactly what you deserve. All applicants are allocated to a Personal Program Adviser and an Internship Placement Director. To gain deep insight to the right pages, we have developed, dedicated pages for each of the steps under the Applicant Guide page. Below are the few pages you should consider for more information.

Application Requirements
Application Timeline
Interview Expectations


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Step 1
Our Programs

Assess our China programs and choose one that suits your interest:- Internship, travel, Study, Jobs

Step 2
Program Guides

Critically view our China Program contents, dates, fees, locations and contact us for more informations.

Step 3

Get more information from reviews, blogs, bulletins, forums, videos to get a feel of the program

Step 4

We believe in you and would love to give you that transformative experience.
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