Gap Year FAQ

Gap Year- Frequently Asked Questions


What do you do at China Internship Placements?

We are a consultancy firm which specialize in getting Internship placements for those interested in interning in China. 

What type of Internships do you guys offer?

Check on website, we offer a wide range from legal to architecture, from finance to engineering, we offer a wide variety of internships across our 600 partner companies.



When can i start?

The sooner the better, but we have programs all year around. The sooner you plan the quicker you can start. The only stumbling blocks for some applicants is the visa process.

Are Internships paid?

Yes and No. Most internships are paid but not all are paid, this depends on what sector you decide to intern at (For example, Law or Architecture)

How long can i intern for?

Generally internships range from 1 to 12 months. Most interns chose three, six or twelve months we can adjust the duration for you depending on your preference.

How much do I get paid for the Internship?

This very much depends on three factors:

  1. The company in which you work at, some companies pay very generously and others pay less. This depends on the type of internship it is (for example, Law, Architecture or Consultancy).
  2. The duration of your Internship also determines salary.One or two month internship placements may affect the amount companies are willing to pay you. Those who do three, six or even twelve months are likely to paid more.
  3. Your experience is also a very important factor, the more experience you have the more you are likely to get paid by the company you intern at.

Where in China can i do an internship?

We offer internships all across china. Most of our applicants choose Beijing and Shanghai. But we also offer Internships in cities such as ShenZhen and Guangzhou. Please not we do not offer in either of the specially administrated regions (Hong Kong and Macao). We do not offer internships in Taiwan either.


Where do i apply?

Go to our our intensive language header and click apply!

Where do we go from here?

Within 48 hours you will here our response and we will give you further information regarding the language program.


How much experience do i need to do apply?

You do not need any to apply! The reason you’re applying is to gain experience right? But a strong interest and basic knowledge in your chosen field before you apply is essential.

How long will it take for me to hear back from you?

Due to our high number of applicants it may take us up to 24 hours to reply to your questions but we do reply to every email. Our office ours are between 9am - 6pm Beijing time (GMT +8).

How long will it take to learn mandarin?

For speaking level we generally recommend that you learn from 6 to 12 months, this however depends on your dedication to learning mandarin, some learn basic speaking, reading and writing in 3 months!



Why learn mandarin?

China is emerging as the world’s leader in the years to come, china owns the worlds fastest growing economy and the emerging markets in China are endless. Those seeking to do business or improve their employability to employers are starting to learn mandarin. Being able to speak English and Mandarin means statistically you can communicate with half of the world population!

Why should i apply through China Internship placements?

China internship placements deals with every little detail of your stay from visa, pick up, sim card and your accommodation. For those who do not understand or find China a scary environment, we are here to make sure your experience is maximized.


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