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Summer Intensive Chinese Language Study

Summer Programs in China

Spend this and any other summer getting immersed in a dynamically new language learning environment that challenges you to explore beyond the little part of the world you know. China Internship Placements’ (CIP) Summer Intensive Chinese Language program is available for 4 to 16 weeks within which participants are exposed to Intensive Chinese language study. The program also has components that prepare participants for HSK exams at no extra cost. It is a complete combination of University Chinese language study and private mandarin study. The curriculum is scheduled on university-level Chinese language study at China’s most prestigious universities like Beijing Language and Cultural University Summer Program in Beijing, Peking University’s Summer Intensive Chinese Language Program, Fudan University in Shanghai, Nanjing University and to mention but few.

There exists another Program option called Summer Accelerated Chinese Language Study organized in partnership with our partner language Institutions located in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Nanjing. It is designed to be flexible and it combines Group Intensive Chinese Lessons with One on One or private Studies. It is flexible and could be tailored to personal schedules and there are makeup classes as well. Group members are drawn from various embassies and Chamber of commences and Individual participants from all over the world.

Throughout the summer, the course combines intensive Mandarin (Chinese Language) language lessons, weekly cultural trips and tour program, a homestay accommodation option, and volunteering, corporate courtesy calls. It is not just an opportunity to intensively study the Chinese language with natives to acquire the original accent but also to learn about a whole new world and gain meaningful insights into career paths through visitations to reputable Chinese companies. It is a whole golden opportunity to spice your summer with a tight combination of language program contents. It is not just worth having summer Study Abroad experience but what it eventually teaches and transforms participants to be.

Whichever option is selected, the components are intact and does not vary.

We combine the fun and the studies that's why it intensive. The program runs in china’s most exciting culturally aware cities Beijing, shanghai, Shenzhen, and Nanjing. Visit our Chinese study location pages for the in-depth insight into each of these cities.

Program Types

We have developed a different kind of Summer Intensive Chinese lessons to serve different categories of participants. Whichever is selected, the exposure is same as contents and components are same. Just the taste and environment is different. There is no change in value, it remains the same.

China Internship Placements’ University summer Chinese Study Programs

This segment of the program houses participants who are willing to study in a university setting and would like to feel the impact of some of our partner Universities. It is made for participants whose parents, Sponsors or schools require this. Credits are awarded to this and they are Intensive Chinese language programs.

China internship Placements’ Managed Summer Programs

These are programs made for participants who would prefer more flexible schedules and would like to add more of some components at the expense of others to spice it up for their requirements. Example those who would like to do some minor internships alongside all other components. This program is flexible and has make-up classes if some tour programs have to extend. There is no credit awarded for this, but we provide testimonials, 2 certificates, books. This program and has a preparation for those who would like to take HSK courses before leaving China.

China Summer Camp 2016 

Immerse yourself in China’s rich culture while learning Mandarin. Discover China’s history, legacy and place in the modern world all while interacting with locals and building on your language skills. Get ready for a thrilling and adventurous summer within the safest summer 2016 program. Download our Summer camp brochures for more insight. Got your cameras ready? you will be visiting places like
• Trek from village to village through the Dragon’s Backbone rice terraces
• Learn to speak Mandarin
• Visit Miao, Guida, Dong, Tiantouzhai and Xiaozhai minority villages
• Hike through Zuolong Gorge to get to your guesthouse
• Stay in the ancient riverside town of Fenghuang
• Camp on the Great Wall
• Visit Tian’anmen Square and the Forbidden City
• Rock climb and camp in Yangshuo surrounded by karst peaks and the Lijiang
• Hike in the unique Zhangjiajie National Park


The China Internship Placement (CIP) Advantage

China internship Placements’ Intensive Summer Chinese Language Study participants will:

  • Study in an internationally induced atmosphere mixed with participants from all over the world, expats, business community and embassies.
  • Have an opportunity to speedily improve their Chinese language skills through a-30- hour intensive language studies per week. This is garnished with optional one-on-one or group lessons. Participants are allowed to select one of these options in addition to the normal coursework.
  • Efficiently combine our summer Chinese language course lessons with trips and excursions to historical sites. It is an opportunity to explore the cities properly rather than seeing them in pictures.
  • Enroll in language classes that are exactly your level. China Internship Placements’ Affordable Summer Study Abroad Program in China tests all participants’ level before placing them into their various classes. At CIP, no square pegs are allowed into round holes: meaning right price for right value.
  • Experience an enhanced Study Abroad Program by selecting among a number of language lesson options in addition to Elective courses like International Trade, Chinese Civilization, Chinese Art, Chinese Politics and much more.
  • Experience adrenaline igniting segments like hiking, Swimming competitions, Dumpling cooking, Chinese Calligraphy, and explore traditional sites such as the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square and Temple of Heaven. For a comprehensive list of Cultural activities and trips visits our cultural immersion page for more and refer to our city pages as well for exciting places.
  • Gain the deeper satisfaction by giving back to society and engaging in our volunteering program at no extra fee. There are exciting projects like Teaching Migrant Children basic English skills, spend time caring for the aged, Environmental conservation and many more. Check our volunteering page for more. These are available based on city and location.
  • Participants are allowed to spend weekends embarking on a dream tour visiting a wonderful Chinese tourist site which they have longed to ever see* Visit our tour China guide page.
Summer Immersion in China

Electives by subject area

  • Chinese Civilization
  • Cross Culture and exchange management
  • China: From Reform to Revolution
  • Ancient Chinese Thought
  • Spirit of Chinese Art
  • Chinese Art
  • Media and Gender Studies
  • History of Diplomacy in Modern China
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Sino-US Relations and the Rise of Asia
  • Chinese Culture and Business Practice
  • Marketing Strategy and Management
  • International Business
  • International Investment Law
  • Chinese Financial Markets
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Traditional Chinese Political Philosophy
  • Selected Readings in Western Studies of Confucianism
  • Classic Specimens of English Literature



China Internship Placements’ Summer Study Abroad Program entails Intensive Chinese Language Study organized in universities and also Accelerated Summer Chinese Language Study. There are two unique programs run in all our major cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Shenzhen. Visit our Summer Language Program location page for more


Where will I study?

China Internship Placement arranged very interesting programs in internationally induced environments with the right study materials and state of the art language learning laboratories. Check our locations page for more insights about the cities, and the universities. For a deeper insight, the website carries a page on all cities and universities where site visitors could read and see pictures. We also encourage site users to Register and log in so that you could save pages and later access.

Fees and Dates

We are committed to making sure prices paid by our participants bring an extreme value and satisfaction. It is not just a venture to travel but have real experience for life. Our Affordable Summer Intensive Chinese language Study Program prices start from as low as $800.
Visit application dates and fees for more.

 Summer Programs in China


All accommodations adhere to our standards and regulations guaranteeing safety, security and peace of mind. There is not fear to be entertained as we remain responsible for changing accommodations in case our participants do not like them. Pictures and addresses of accommodations are sent to participants for approval before the final contract is signed. We get host Families to sign our Statement of Liability as well as Accommodation Privacy Assurance before apartments are booked. Injury and other. 


Grab this opportunity to live with native Chinese families under the same roof. Get culturally immersed into the Chinese culture as well as get networked with Chinese families that are eager to invite you for a visit to China whenever you deem fit. These Families are well-to-do Chinese Host Families that have met our rigorous accommodation standards and have hosted successfully our participants in the past. They maintain a clean and safe environment for human inhabitance. As Chinese family members communicate in Chinese language, it is an opportunity to accelerate Chinese speaking skills over a shorter duration. CIP recommends this option for participants that would like to live in a Chinese language setting and are willing to speed up their speaking and listening skills. They lead the immersion process while CIP also arranges activities to top up the process. It is a complete system to make it a summer to remember. Read more on our accommodation page.

Shared apartments

Shared apartments are also very fine opportunity to get along with Chinese and get immersed into the local culture. It is a two bedroom facility which our participants share with other young Chinese. Both residents share all facilities, but privacy is guaranteed in the strictest sense. This is in a bid to keep our participants still connected to native Chinese. There have been countless occasions when this friendship results to business. In case participants arrive and do not like the apartments, we make changes for them. This accommodation arrangements are located about 30 to 40 minutes from work and are assessable to bus stations and the subway.

Private apartment

This is arranged for participants who do not really care about budget and would like to spend few more dollars to secure very posh apartments in the city. We provide this to satisfy our participants. These apartments are a bit expensive than other options. These are located at premium parts of the city and closer to places of study.
Also, note that there are Hotel Accommodations in our Summer Programs available through our partner hotels which our participants can occupy depending on their budget size. From 3 star to 5-star hotels are available for booking. We also provide accommodation into Youth Hostels.

Excursions and cultural trips & activities

Our participants will take part in excursion over selected weekend during the summer program. There exists a couple of CIP itinerary which participants will choose which fits them best, each of these programs have separate destinations and themes. During these cultural trips, participants can experience a more personal interaction with others from different time zones of the world. Our Cities and locations harbor massive historic sites such as the Temple of Heaven, Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and Forbidden City in Beijing. In shanghai, there is a combination of history and modernity with places such as The Bund & Huangpu River, Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Longhua Park, World financial center and much more. There exists a solid depository of Temples, Parks, Mausoleums in other cities like Nanjing and Shenzhen. Check our Tour Chin Guide Page for deeper insights. Activities also included Mountain hiking, Bungee jumping, volunteering activities at orphanages and interaction with disabled children, Chinese cooking lessons, kungfu classes, Tai chi and Yoga classes. These activities are outlined on our Cultural Activities page.


Corporate insight trips

China Internship Placement organizes trips to selected huge multi-national organizations for participants to familiarize themselves with operations of such companies. During this trip, participants are exposed to some workplace ethics and procedures. Here participants could be chosen to experience internships in the future. We do this on purpose so that participants could network during our Corporate Insight tours. Trips are planned to fortune 500 companies such as KPMG, Deloitte, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, BMW, DAIMLER and many more. 

Language partners

CIP’s Chinese Language Partner Program is a unique feature of our Study and Internship programs professionally crafted to speed and consolidate listening, speaking and writing skills of our participants. It is so unique that our competitors do not have it. Participants get paired with Chinese University graduates trained in teaching Chinese as a second International language for one-on-one Mandarin language lessons. Tutorials are held at the convenience of our language tutors with more hours available upon request. These segments provide participants with additional Chinese language practice in Mandarin.


The cost of Housing is included in our program fee. Participants may choose either  to live in a homestay, Private Apartment, Hotels, Dormitories or Shared apartments. Depending on the age of the participants, they may not live in private accommodations outside our arranged housing options.


China Internship Program organizes pre-departure orientations online before arrival. During this segment, participants are briefed properly about the essential highlights of the program, weather conditions and disclose as many red flags they needed to watch out for before arriving in China. The online meeting allows that participants connect with each other make friends before arrival. It is allowed that participants share their expectations with each other. The Webmaster will also create a forum thread on Our ever active China Internship Placements Forum where more interactions take. We also prepare students psychologically to face the realities of different culture and also make available some survival Chinese lessons.

CIP Business Lecture Series

CIP organizes Business Lectures for our participants featuring researchers from the academia, expats & Entrepreneurs and representatives of Chinese Business community. With this, CIP aims to provide an in-depth insight into critical issues and shed light on opportunities available for young graduates as the Chinese economy develops. Topics like Chinese Development Model, Cross-Cultural and Exchange management, Trade relations policies of China, Historical development of China, Development of Chinese Financial system and the future, Chinese Stock Exchanges and Characteristics will be discussed.


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