Program Prices

Summer  Internship Prices and Dates

Summer Program PricesOur affordable summer Programs Contain the following components to keep you comfortable and at ease throughout your internship in China. You could pick Intensive Chinese Program only as well as Internship Program only, and we also allow the combination of both. Whatever the option may be, the pricing is same, unless you request more language lesson hours. Usually during summer, participants have different taste of what they would like to accomplish. For this reason, we allocate Personal Program Advisers who assist you to plan your summer to remember. Apply now and speak with your personal program adviser. They are well informed to assist you.

Our programs contain the following components 

  • Guaranteed Internship Placement or Tuition ( Main classes, Private tutors, Extra hours upon request)
  • Properly furnished Accommodation
  • Airport pick-up
  • Cultural Activities
  • Cultural trips within your city of location
  • Corporate Insight Trips
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Ice Breaking Segment
  • Arrival Package
  • Networking Events
  • Program Support
  • Insurance

 Summer Internship Prices

Program Length PRICE PAY NOW
  4 weeks $2950
  6 weeks $3750
  8 weeks $3950
  10 weeks $4450
  12 weeks $4890

For regular Internship which runs all year round, please visit our China Internship Page for more information 

Summer Language Program Cost

Program Length Standard Intensive
4 weeks $2580 $2980
5 weeks $3080 $3780
1 Semester $7200 $8180
1 Year $15980 $19580

Note: =* The program does not include feeding, Trip outside the city of program, Transportation - We are able to provide these at few extra fees which will not break your spine. Speak with your Personal Program Director for more details.


Budget Constrained?

We have a handy solution to applicants who would like to intern in China on a tight budget. We combine discounts, grants, scholarships and fee waiving as well as program customization to deliver Executive internships without compromising quality. Why don't you speak with us? We care and will assist you to make it 

Value For Money

Value for money is how we measure our client satisfaction and this is why Our Internships in China program contains very comprehensive and detailed contents helping participants to feel safe and secured throughout the whole process. Traveling away from home is a push away from the comfort zone and could be depressing without properly planned Internship and Study Abroad programs. Our program ensures a befitting accommodation arrangement, 24/7 care and contact, Health insurance, language lessons and cultural immersion activities. Networking activities and Business Classes are not omitted at all as they are very integral components making sure our participants are safe.

In order to understand the program properly, we recommend visitors take time to visit the following sites as well

  • Program Overview

  • Program contents

  • Contact an Alum and revise Internship In China participant Reviews

  • Check Our resources (Host Organizations, Hot Internship Positions, Health and Safety Standards )


Our Summer Internship Programs Start from 5th of June while Summer Intensive Language programs start based on university schedules. CIP is able to adjust internships to start before or after the stated dates

Our summer camp for teenagers, high school students  starts on the 12th of June and arrival is 10th of June. 



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