Program Locations

Summer Program Locations

Experiencing summer studies in Beijing the capital city of the most populous nation could create memories that will last for a lifetime. Experience the harmonious coexistence of Modern and traditional china on our Summer Intensive Chinese Language study Program which presents golden opportunities to get culturally immersed why adding value to your personal life. Beijing is an epitome of China’s history culture and it hosts the majority of China’s most popular and well-known important tourist sites such as the Great Wall, Forbidden City, the Summer Palace which housed the Emperors of the Qing Dynasty with numerous recreational parks and sites. Thousands of tourists trip Beijing Every year catch glimpse of what it feels like to live and stay in Beijing.

Beijing is considered a yardstick of measuring what is considered a true Chinese culture and value. It is, therefore, the best place to study Mandarin and acquire a true native accent. Beijing accent is regarded as the native accent for Mandarin. Comb through the hutong community (very traditional) as well as through the streets of Sanlitun (modern part) and get the different feelings associated with it.

Summer Programs

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With this excitement in mind, We at China Internship Placements has prepared the packages to present a true and relevant experience.

Summer Study Program Locations


China Internship Placements’ Summer Programs in Beijing

Peking University Summer Program in Beijing

Having the largest library in Asia, with a collection of 9.0195 million books, as well as Chinese and foreign journals and newspapers and established in 1898, Peking University is China’s Most prestigious university of all times with a credible history of producing scholars with caliber scattered all over the world. Peking University has a magnificent environment for studying which is motivating and captivating. It has state of the art language department equipped with modern language facilities and laboratories. Peking University Summer Program is hosted at the premises of Peking University with well-qualified lecturers who have the modern skills of teaching the Chinese Language as a second International Language.

Beijing Language and Cultural University

Beijing language and Cultural University shortly called BLCU is a specialized university concentrating on teaching the Chinese language as a second international Language. BLCU is the only university of its kind in China that teaches Chinese language and culture courses to foreign students. It has the largest International student population. BLCU helps promote the growth of its faculty members and continues to improve language courses designed for study abroad purposes.

BLCU plays an aggressive role in the area of Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language (TCFL) as well as the promotion of Chinese culture and values. Beijing Language and Culture University has the largest size and qualified academic faculty.
On top of all, BLCU has kept its distinguishing envious record of best Chinese international education for decades.

Our BLCU Summer Chinese language study program provides the best opportunity for participants to participate in a deep cultural immersion given their sustained record of teaching Mandarin as a second International language. China Internship Placements’ Beijing Language and cultural University Intensive Chinese language Study Program presents a golden opportunity for young graduates and other participants to experience a different culture. The BLCU summer intensive Chinese language study program presents a summer to Remember.

Beijing Normal University

Beijing Normal University, the first Normal University in Chinese history was established to train quality teachers to fuel Chinese educational system. The comprehensive faculty strength of Beijing Normal University positions the school at the forefront of the China’s best teaching institutions and universities. BNU was in 2002 one of the few universities with independent examination and approval authority for undergraduate majors and programs which means a lot to students who acquire Beijing Normal University’s certificates.

The school has been developed for International Students. It has hundreds of International Students joining their Intensive Summer Chinese Study Program. Beijing Normal University’s Summer Mandarin study Programs are specially designed for International students to learn the Chinese culture and get deeply immersed into it. Beijing normal University is touted as the topmost university teaching the Chinese language in the whole of Asia. It has a magnificent campus located at the center of the city at Haidian with proximity to Beijing’s beautiful scenes. Get taught by language experts and master the Chinese language without stress. Check Beijing Normal University’s main portal for more.

Summer Intensive Chinese Language Study in Shanghai

Shanghai is the largest city in China by population. It is the largest and most developed metropolis in Mainland China and the largest city by population in the world. In the 1930's Shanghai was the biggest and most wealthy city in the Far East. It regained its prominence in the last 20 year by being the most attractive city for tourists all over the world. Shanghai showed the world it could still be the hottest spot for trade and exhibition when it hosted the 2010 World Expo. This even recorded the highest number of visitors in history while hosted in Shanghai was the greatest number of visitors in the event's history. Being one of China’s Industrial backbone, there exists a huge number of industrial zones which attracts more businesses and expats. Shanghai is officially the-the world’s largest container port paving way for intense trade and the financial district of Pudong is houses most of the tallest skyscrapers one could ever see on earth. The city has one of the most efficient transport systems especially the commercially operated magnetic levitation transport system which is popularly called the high-speed Maglev train. Zoom to our partner university page to see more information and pictures. CIP programs in Shanghai are Affordable Internships in Shanghai, Study Abroad Program in Shanghai, Intensive summer language study, Summer Internships.

China Intensive Summer Program Fudan University

One of china’s most prestigious universities located in Shanghai Fudan University presents a very challenging, yet supportive learning environment with well-planned study systems and beautiful campuses. It has a heavy mix of international student’s presence on campus from all parts of the world hence friendly to our participants. Participants are housed in Fudan University’s premier campus housing facility and dormitory including properly furnished apartments with wireless internet. Participants will be paired with English speaking Chinese Fudan University students. There is an extended weekend cultural trip to Inner Mongolia and also a visit to the Great Wall in Beijing. Read more about Fudan university on our Partner University Page

China Internship Placements’ Summer Programs in Nanjing

Nanjing is located at the southern bank of the Yangtze River. Nanjing is the capital of Jiangsu Province and is listed among the most preferred destinations in china with very high visitor turnout every year no wonder it has a brilliant and attractive cultural heritage. Nanjing is known as the capital city of about 6 dynasties in Chinese History. Their historical antecedents have been preserved leading to numerous famous museums like Mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, Memorial Hall to the Victims in the Nanjing Massacre. There is also the famous Confucius Temple and other parks. Since China's admission into the WTO in 2001, Nanjing has been a preferred location for many foreign investors. It is estimated that on average two new foreign companies establish offices in the city every day. This is a hallmark of a living city, it also has numerous Industrial zones that drive the city’s GDP. The current industries in Nanjing are electronics, cars, petrochemical, iron and steel, and power. It houses some powerful big state-owned firms such as Panda Electronics, Jincheng Motors, and Nanjing Steel.

China Internship Placements’ Summer Programs in Shenzhen

Shenzhen is one of the major Chinese cities in China. It is located immediately north of Hong Kong and it takes just about 1.30 hours to travel in between the two cities. Shenzhen was the first city to be successful in applying Special Economic Zones to speed the inflow of foreign investment and subsequently economic growth. Shenzhen’s recent transformation is as a result of the vibrant economic development made possible by the inflow of foreign investment since the implementation of the policy of “reform and opening” which instituted the Special Economic Zones in late 1979. Shenzhen has a stock exchange just like Shanghai. Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE) is a national stock exchange serves as a market for secondary trading.


Summer Internship Program Locations


Internship in Beijing

Internship Programs in Beijing

Beijing happens to be the head-office of China Internship Placements (CIP) and also plays an additional role of coordinating internship placements.

Internship in Shanghai

Internship in Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the important cities of China with potentials of being converted into Mainland’s financial sector. China Internship Placements has a corporate office located with a coordinating

Internship in Shenzhen

Internship in Shenzhen

Our Shenzhen office is opened to handle issues relating to placements into Partner organizations in the area and successful placements. It also handles accommodation

Internship in Guangzhou

China Internship Placement has a dedicated office in Guangzhou as well. It is one of our newly established offices opened due to the Increasing demand for Internships in the area.

Internship in Qingdao

Internships in Qingdao

China Internship Placement has a dedicated office in Qingdao as well. It is one of our newly established offices opened due to the Increasing demand for Internships in the area.


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