Peking University

Study Abroad in China with Asia's Best University

Our Peking University Mandarin Program presents a unique opportunity for participants to experience quality university Chinese language study in China. It combines University Chinese language lessons with structured curriculum and Cultural trips and immersion program activities to deliver excellent University Mandarin Program. CIP’s Peking University Chinese Language program is hosted in China’s finest university campus with classes hosted in most of the prestigious facilities. Participants are screened properly and placed into the right class so they could reap full benefits of the Program. All of our University Chinese language programs have facets of Listening, Speaking, and Writing very comprehensive enough to get you going. Assessments are done periodically with class works, homework, reading tests, listing proficiency test so we know how our participants are doing. If there is the need for extra lessons, we make such arrangements without charging anything extra.

Peking University

Our University Chinese language Program in China is featured in Peking University. Established in 1898, Peking University (PKU) is the foremost national university established in Chinese modern history. Peking University is respected for its outstanding research facilities and highly qualified teachers and researchers with extensive research interests and in-depth knowledge. Among some of its useful research outbreaks is how to perfectly tutor foreigners to grab Chinese language Better. Peking University’s library is the largest in Asia with key information resources attached. The library also serves as a comprehensive modern information center and holds very important archives relevant to the Chinese Government. The university has a captivating environment beyond international standards ready to host our international students participating in the University Mandarin Program in China. International students studying here should expect a magnificent environment, state of the art language facilities and resources.

Program Components

  • Basic Classes
  • Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • Upper Intermediate
  • Advanced

Peking University Mandarin Program variations

CIP’s Peking University Chinese Language Program has been fashioned and designed into a different category such that anyone could attend from the Individual, family, Executive Business people, to Chinese language Students, Young Graduates and Students from all disciplines who wants to revamp or acquire Chinese Language speaking skills. Participants are free to choose from any of these programs.

  • Summer programs
  • Winter programs
  • Semester programs
  • A Year Program


In order to keep our participants safe and lodged in peace so they could enjoy the program, China internship Placements have in place standards that guide the selection of accommodation options. We have 5 accommodation options for our participants and we allow them to make choices that suit their budget and expectations. Our accommodation department could arrange:

  • Homestays which we recommend to participants who would like to quickly immerse themselves and get to practice the Chinese language in a natural setting. Our host families are properly screened to accept our participants.
  • Shared Apartments
  • Private apartments
  • Hotel Suits
  • Campus Accommodations


Course Duration Application Deadline Program Start Date Program End Date
Spring 4 Weeks 10th Jan 2016 22nd Feb 2016 18th Mar 2016
1-Semester 10th Jan 2016 TBA Feb 2016 TBA Jun 2016
1-Year 10th Jan 2016 TBA Feb 2016 TBA Jan 2017
Summer 4 Weeks 29th May 2016 4th Jul 2016 29th Jul 2016
4 Weeks 29th May 2016 8th Aug 2016 2nd Sep 2016
6 Weeks 29th May 2016 4th Jul 2016 12nd Aug 2016
8 Weeks 28th May 2016 4th Jul 2016 26th Aug 2016
Fall 1-Semester 10th Jul 2016 TBA Sep 2016 TBA Jan 2017
1-Year 10th Jul 2016 TBA Sep 2016 TBA Jun 2017



Program Length Standard Intensive
4 weeks $2,300 $2,900
6 weeks $3,100 $3,700
8 weeks $3,900 $4,500
12 weeks $5,080 $6,580
1 Semester $7,180 $8,080
1 Year $15,980 $19,580


Study Chinese in China Program Package

Our prices are made to contain much programs as possible than any competitor program. Check our Program contents page for more

  • Perfect language classes arrangements in to preferred program
  • Accommodation
  • Health Insurance
  • Airport Pick up
  • Visa Support
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Guided tour around China
  • 24/7 support
  • Language partner
  • City tour and shopping
  • Extra private Chinese lesson classes
  • Weekend Cultural activities
  • Welcome package
    • Local SIM Card and Mobile phone
    • City Map
    • Orientation
    • Settlement support


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