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Accredited to Teach Foreigners Mandarin & with Largest Foreign Student Size

Beijing language and cultural University provides University Mandarin studies for participants in CIP’s University Chinese language study program in China. It is a whole new experience full of massive exposure. From the combination of properly structured Chinese language lessons to tour China program which offers trips to Dalia, Inner Mongolia and the rural sites in china. Whether looking to do a year, semester, summer or winter in Beijing, Our BLCU University mandarin program in Beijing is ideal for you. Join our BLCU Chinese language study program in China and unite with people from all over the world and from your country. Our Beijing language and cultural University Chinese program is a platform for young graduates to meet interact and share ideas about the future. It is also meant to enhance and foster tolerance and responsible global citizenry. Join the best and most popular Study Abroad Program in Beijing and get admitted into our BLCU mandarin Program.

Beijing Language and Cultiral University

The BLCU language program places our participants into Beijing language and cultural university.

BLCU is normally referred as “The Mini-United Nations” because it houses numerous international students from different continents and countries. It is a vibrant atmosphere with an exciting experience. BLCU specializes in providing professional courses in various fields, such as foreign languages, Chinese language study in China, information science, and finance. BLCU made the explicit aim and plan to build a first-class language university and to promote the development of four great academic fields.

BLCU deliberately and with much effort helps foster the growth of academic faculty and supplies language courses designed for our Study Abroad China participants and International students.

Program Components

  • Basic Classes
  • Elementary
  • Intermediate
  • Upper Intermediate
  • Advanced

BLCU Mandarin Program variations

Our Tsinghua University Chinese Language Program has been fashioned and designed into a different category such that anyone could attend from the Individual, family, Executive Business people, to Chinese language Students, Young Graduates and Students from all disciplines who wants to revamp or acquire Chinese Language speaking skills. Participants are free to choose from any of these programs.

  • Summer programs
  • Winter programs
  • Semester programs
  • A Year Program


In order to keep our participants safe and lodged in peace so they could enjoy the program, China internship Placements have in place standards that guide the selection of accommodation options. We have 5 accommodation options for our participants and we allow them to make choices that suit their budget and expectations. Our accommodation department could arrange:

  • Homestays which we recommend to participants who would like to quickly immerse themselves and get to practice the Chinese language in a natural setting. Our host families are properly screened to accept our participants.
  • Shared Apartments
  • Private apartments
  • Hotel Suits
  • Campus Accommodations

Dates - Standard

Course Duration Application Deadline Program Start Date Program End Date
Spring 4 Weeks 22nd Jan 2016 25th Feb 2016 23rd Mar 2016
12 Weeks 26th Feb 2016 31st Mar 2016 22nd Jun 2016
1-Semester 29th Jan 2016 3rd Mar 2016 1st Jul 2016
1-Semester B 29th Jan 2016 3rd Mar 2016 1st Jul 2016
1-Year 15th Jan 2016 7th Mar 2016 TBA Jan 2017
Summer 4 Weeks 27th May 2016 29th Jun 2016 26th Jul 2016
4 Weeks 17th Jun 2016 21st Jul 2016 17th Aug 2016
4 Weeks 1st Jul 2016 4th Aug 2016 31st Aug 2016
5 Weeks 10th Jul 2016 14th Jul 2016 17th Aug 2016
6 Weeks 3rd Jun 2016 7th Jul 2016 17th Aug 2016
8 Weeks 27th May 2016 29th Jun 2016 23rd Aug 2016
Fall 12 Weeks 5th Aug 2016 16th Sep 2016 8th Dec 2016
1-Semester 5th Jul 2016 16th Sep 2016 13th Jan 2017
1-Semester(B) 5th Jul 2016 16th Sep 2016 13th Jan 2017
1-Year 29th Jul 2016 5th Sep 2016 TBA Jul 2017
Winter 5 Weeks 18th Nov 2016 21st Dec 2016 24th Jan 2017


Dates - Intensive

Course Duration Application Deadline Program Start Date Program End Date
Spring 12 Weeks 26th Feb 2016 31st Mar 2016 22nd Jun 2016
1-Semester 29th Jan 2016 3rd Mar 2016 1st Jul 2016
Summer 4 Weeks 1st Jul 2016 4th Aug 2016 31st Aug 2016
12 Weeks 5th Aug 2016 6th Sep 2016 8th Dec 2016
1-Semester 5th Aug 2016 6th Sep 2016 13th Jan 2017


Dates - Summer Program

Course Duration Application Deadline Program Start Date Program End Date
Summer 2 weeks 29th May 2015 25th Jun 2015 8th Jul 2015
2 weeks 19th Jun 2015 16th Jul 2015 29th Jul 2016
3 weeks(C+P) 19th Jun 2015 16th Jul 2015 12th Aug 2015
4 weeks 3rd Jul 2015 30th Jul 2015 19th Aug 2015


Program Length Standard Intensive
4 weeks $2780 $3380
5 weeks $3080 $3680
6 weeks $3550 $4150
12 weeks $5480 $6980
1 Semester $7200 $8180
1 Year $13800 $19580


Study Chinese in China Program Package

Our prices are made to contain much programs as possible than any competitor program. Check our Program contents page for more

  • Perfect language classes arrangements in to preferred program
  • Accommodation
  • Health Insurance
  • Airport Pick up
  • Visa Support
  • Welcome Dinner
  • Guided tour around China
  • 24/7 support
  • Language partner
  • City tour and shopping
  • Extra private Chinese lesson classes
  • Weekend Cultural activities
  • Welcome package
    • Local SIM Card and Mobile phone
    • City Map
    • Orientation
    • Settlement support


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