Mandarin Program Application


Due to the volume of applications received on a daily basis, we have built a standard application procedure that all applications should go through in order to ensure fairness and equality of treatment.  We nevertheless have room to process applications that require immediate attention on emergency certificate note.  Due to the structured nature of this Program, we require that all applicants adhere to dates (start and end date).

University Mandarin Program

A. Material reviews

All prospective participants are encouraged to take part in the review of most materials on our website, making use of Program Descriptions, Chinese Language Study Reviews, Contact an Alumni, CIP Blog, Information for parents, Program components.  The site is built with very condensed information and with FAQs to help visitors.  Very busy site visitors could place a callback request and our Customer service executives will link up with a scheduled telephone conversation to explain the details.

B. Apply

Having reviewed all materials pertaining to the application processes and descriptions, we require applicants to fill out our apply now page.  Alternatively, applicants could download our application forms, fill them out, and submit them to, including Resumes.  We also request that all applicants select the right program, but don't worry if you're not 100% sure yet what the best fit for you is, we can always make changes before final arrangements are made.  After applying for a particular program, keep an eye on your emails and reply to them promptly, especially those relating to communications and correspondences coming from our Study Chinese Language Team.

C. Interview

We interview all applicants to ascertain their motivation for the program and to confirm a few details.  This interview might not be as rigorous as that of an internship program.  During this period, the expectations of the client will be solicited and then contents of the program properly arranged by the client and the interviewee.  During interviews, applicants are allowed to customize the program at this stage.  Ask any relevant question as well, and know that we welcome that.  At this stage, we require all applicants to make a $300 deposit which is refundable under conditions outlined in our program terms and conditions.  Once this payment is received, the next process begins in a matter of hours.

D. Selection process And Out Come

All applications are subjected to a selection committee that reviews and recommends for levels and program suitability.  Shortlisted applicants will be referred to various universities selected by the applicant.  They will then announce their decisions, which will be forwarded to students.

E. Confirmation

After the results are communicated, Admission confirmation will be communicated within the shortest possible time, along with an admission certificate from the university.  This is will be scanned and sent to the applicant via email, pending a registered mail delivery.

F. Welcome

After all admission materials are received, all other arrangements also begin as soon as possible, to avoid wasting time.  Balance payments due will be communicated to applicants in due time.  Visa letters will be sent on time.

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