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Our programs run in China’s most prestigious cities with top universities!  These mediums present excellent opportunities worth jumping into!  These are environments booming and where positive changes are happening each day. Participants in these Universities will combine professionally structured classroom lessons taught by language professors, with trips and other immersion activities.  One of our roles is also to position our participants at the forefront of these opportunities so that they can get the most our of their experience.

Chinese Language in Peking University

We have placed over 2000 language students in these Universities with a complete package, ensuring quicker language skill mastery and double immersion.  All these universities have their own advantages and insights.  They have state-of-the-art language laboratories and other top-of-the-line facilities.

Click on the various thumbnails to read more about these universities.  If you have a question, dont hesitate to contact us!


Beijing Normal University


Our University language study and Study Abroad programs in China duly registers clients into the BNU mandarin Program.  Beijing Normal University's (BNU) Chinese language program is a partnership between...

Peking University


Our Peking University Mandarin Program presents a unique opportunity for participants to experience quality university Chinese language study in China.  It combines University Chinese language lessons...

Tsinghua University


Located on the most beautiful University campus in Asia, our Tsinghua Mandarin Program admits participants to experience the most beautiful professional and modern way of studying the Chinese language intensively.

Beijing Language And Cultural University


Beijing's Language and Cultural University provides University Mandarin studies for participants in CIP’s University Chinese language study program in China.  This is a whole new experience, full of massive exposure.

Fudan University


The Fudan University Chinese Language Program presents an opportunity for participants to Study Abroad in China’s most prestigious city, Shanghai.  Consider joining our Chinese Language Study Abroad in China!

Nanjing University


Our Nanjing University Mandarin Program takes your Chinese Language skills to the next level, guaranteeing a combined genuine Chinese language and cultural experience!

Jiaotong University


The Jiaotong University Chinese Language Program presents an opportunity for participants to Study Abroad in China’s most prestigious city, Shanghai.  Join our Chinese language Study Abroad in China.

Shenzhen University


Shenzhen University (SZU) is a comprehensive university founded in 1983.  The campus is located beside the scenic Back Bay of Shenzhen, facing Hong Kong across the water and covering a total area of 2.64 sq kilometers.


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