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Our China Internship Program participants are by default graduated to CIP Alumni Network. It is made up of young people with an interest in China.

Joining our Internship in China program as well as study abroad opportunities exposes you to array of unending circles of resources. Our Alumni Network is solidly operated by past participants who vow to keep spreading the good image of china Internship Placements. They update members on latest International vacancies which we make available to them from all over the world as well as investment opportunities.

Past Participants
some of Our Proud Past participants had jobs within 3 months of completing our Internship in China Program

Our Alumni gets the following:

  • Job updates from all over the world
  • Free Invite to China when needed
  • Continual career supports for 10 years
  • Investment opportunities
  • Help with start-ups

Our Alumni are periodically sent newsletters and online training about the changing trend of the Job market and how they should present themselves. We also give them very valuable information regarding the change of the International Business terrain.

Studying abroad with CIP is a world and talent discovery that has long-lasting benefits. Our Alumni are willing to respond to this kindly request an Alum contact and we will gladly hand it over. Our research findings show a massive improvement in their personal growth, and careers paths are impacted by the life-transforming experience they had with China Internship Placements.

Within a decade of doing business in China, China Internship Placements Limited has succeeded in building a strong network of respectable corporate entities in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. We are most committed to using these extensive resources to help Alumni in deciding whether or not they would like to return to china to either work or establish a business. It has always been our desire and we live to it.

In case, you needed further information or would like to contact our alumni officials kindly email or contact us directly.

Contact Our Alumni

Contact Alumni

China Internship Placement has allowed that our Alumni are contacted by the general public but for the purpose of privacy, we owe them the duty of not displaying their private information online.

Opportunity Network

CIP Opportunity Network

The Network operates independently of the CIP Management although we solely fund it. It is administered by a committee jointly set by Our community of resources in collaboration with...


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