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Gap Year & Study Abroad Programs in CHINA

Join students from around the world on the ultimate Gap Year China & Study Abroad experience to discover yourself

Achieve fluency, gain experience, see the world, expand your international network – and launch your global future. Study for 3,6,9,11 months and start in April, June, September or  January. Learn  Mandarin in Chinas most prestigious University’s or Join small groups. Colledge credits and internship opportunities ensure you’re always adding to your resume during the adventure of a lifetime.

Could be combined with Internship, Travel, Volunteering etc.


  • Intensive Chinese Language Programs (Group and Private)
  • Summer Camp and mandarin Studies
  • University programs: Summer / Semester / Years
  • Gap Year
  • High School programs:- Summer / Semester and Year
  • HSK Preparations

Success Story

A Proud Parent Reviews our Service after her Son spent 12 Months on Gap Year in china

Our Gap Year and Study Abroad in China program are designed to ensure self discovery and helps to connect  the dots in future.Enjoy life in China’s is fast paced cities and culturally rich environment.These are custumised to ensure you get it right the first time.Our insurance system ensures that the  All participants are secured through comprehensive arrangement

Feel safe and combine as many components as possible to enhaunce your experience

Learn Chinese in China

Why Learn Chinese Language (Mandarin) in China

Get Inspiration from Our Past participants. You should know that you are not the only one taking this bold step. There are hundreds or even thousands of your peers who are also joining our program from top universities. You all have one thing in common – Getting to understand the dynamics of the global economy and getting prepared for the Job market.

Our Programs

Learn mandarin

76% of our Alumini agree that Mantrain Skills on their resume has rainforced their ability to secure jobs. A Gap year with CIP’s Intensive Chineese Language Study Abroad Program takes place in an startergically selected cities. worth exploring.This comes with full  and deep Chineese cultural immersion and trips and classroom lessons.

Intern in China

Our proffesional internship programs will give you hand s on experience in an ultinational organization..our internship participants develop new skills and excellents work experience through challenging responsibilities and projects Each intern get access to a Carrer coach and mentor in order to develop tilored carreer plan.

Volunteer and Travel

As a Gap Year Participant ,you can flexible combine Mandrain Studies with internship ,Volunterring,travel .Volunterring and travel components are very vital so as to ensure a fulfilling trip in China with an extended trip to rural china and volunterring with locals, you  can gain a deeper sense of selfaware about others.

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Join students from around the world on the ultimate Group Year & Study Abroad experience to discover yourself.