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Dealing with Emergency while on an internship in China [safety Guides]

Written for Learn Chinese Language and China Internship Participants

Studying Abroad or joining an internship in China is known to be safe. However, emergencies can occur any day and anytime and that is when you least expect them to happen. Most people try to hide the thought of a medical emergency, but on the other hand, we all want to be safe, so it is of importance to be readily prepared for it the best way possible. I based my article on possible scenarios and what you should do in the circumstances in China where you may not be able to speak the language and is not a familiar environment.

As a responsible traveler or International Internship Participant, you should always keep in mind that anything can happen and it is more convenient to prepare yourself for emergencies before they shatter your entire trip. At CIP, our programs are strict to ensuring all participants have an international insurance which provides at least Healthcare; there are also opportunities to add up Emergency evacuation, repatriation, program cancellation flight delays and so much more. We do not compromise safety.

Listed below are few scenarios and what you should be doing immediately you realized they occurred

Lost Luggage

Make an immediate baggage claim report at the baggage claim desk or office and make sure the receptionist records your luggage and flight number. They will be able to track your bag on their system. To be sure they are scenarios about retrieving your luggage, you should insist filing a claim form and provide your contact information (like your hotel or apartment address and contact details) so they airline could contact you in few days. If you are part of CIP’s Internship Program, our pick up team will meet you at the airport so that they will assist you with the process. Just make sure you report to the team at the airport.

Falling Sick

It is possible to encounter Change in weather, and that could change everything. It is normal as our bodies react differently to various changes. If you ever happen to feel sick, take some rest and medication if necessary but after 24 hours, if you do not feel any change in your situation, kindly contact your insurance service provider. In our case, Students on our Internship in China Program will book an appointment to meet their private doctors to secure medications. You can get prescribed medication from your a nearby pharmacy or hospital this is easy because you will get survival Chinese lessons when you arrive in China. Chinese fruits are very healthy, and tasty try them for fever and other ailments, especially grapes, oranges tangerines. If you happen to be in China on your own and the illness, gets serious, then waste no time visit the hospital or call 120 (toll-free) for an ambulance. Please remember to bring a copy of your medical records with you when you travel.

Losing your passport

Ouch! That sounds like a pain in my heart and I wish it does not happen to you. The scenario is preventable. When traveling to any place in the world, makes sure you jealously protect your passport. Make colored photocopies of your Biodata page as well as visa page and keep that in your wallet and carry it anywhere. As a foreigner in China, your must know that passport is your life.It should be protected as much you would protect a baby. Before reporting that you cannot find your passport, be sure that it is lost indeed! By searching as many possible places. Once you are sure then quickly make a report to the police can issue a proof of loss for you and assist you but if all the options are exhausted, and you cannot find it, prepare all personal documents and locate the embassy of your country and apply for a new one. You will be ordered to apply for a new passport and there is usually a fee paid for this. After you secure your passport, visit the Public Security Bureau and submit an application for a new visa so that you can continue your trip. This process may take up to 2-3 weeks depending on your embassy. So its cumbersome, it better to move around with a copy of your passport and saving your energy.

know the nearest hospitals

It could happen that you may be playing in your neighborhood and accidentally incur some severe pains which may require going to the hospital. It is, therefore, vital that you know the closest hospital health center. You need to familiarize yourself with the hospitals in your area. Keep a record of their operating hours and after-hour procedures. If you are a learn Chinese language participant or taking an internship in China, our survival Mandarin lessons will prepare you to handle some of these situations easily

Lost credit card

Make a report to your credit card issuer as quickly as possible and have them block any further operation from the card. If you can get this done online, then follow all the possible steps and cancel the credit card services.

Getting Lost

When traveling outside be sure to carry the contact details of a family member or friend and hotel information so that you can show it to the taxi driver or the police officer just in case you get lost. If on our program, you will be issued with a Mobile phone and a local sim card and also allocated a personal coordinator so With just a phone call you will be able to get help. It is rear to get lost in China because Baidu Map works perfectly well with directions.


Thieves usually target items such as purses, phones, cameras, jewelry, and computers. Refrain from walking around with these items and large amounts of money or anything that symbolizes wealth. These are rear and do not happen in China but just play safe. Don’t go shopping with a significant sum of money at hand a keep your wallet or purse out of sight. Do not flash a wallet around when paying for purchases and carry some loose change for beggars. Most of the smart thieves always hung around the pubs and bars looking out for Drunk foreigners who walk alone.



Pickpockets and thieves tend to get along with crowded areas example on public transports, on trains, at city center bus stops and big shopping streets. Keep on the lookout for these behaviors and ensure your belonging are always guarded


Don’t get caught in a crowd

China is knownn for its huge crowds especially in malls, large supermarket and even at an event. Prevent walking through the large crowd with lots of valuables that can be seen and easily be grabbed. Put everything in a bag that can easily be protected

Soon, summer 2017 is fast approaching, and you are considering a summer Internship in China or learning Chinese language. My advice to you is to make sure you have a valid international insurance, always move in groups, take care of your valuables, only move around with copies of your passport and avoid getting too drunk J it may turn out to be too costly.
I wish you a safe trip to China

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