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Kassandra’s Summer Internship in Shanghai Review

As many College students and Graduates consider an internship in Shanghai as a project leading them into the heart of China, there is increasing demand for reviews and stories. At CIP, we are committed to making available independent and real…

What is it like to live in China as a Foreigner in 2022?

Survive while living in China with these Expat city magazines, blogs, and comic resources When you’re over the initial honeymoon phase excitement of planning your adventure in China, whether for travel, a gap year, a volunteer commitment, or an internship…

CIP Gap Year in China Program Review from a Parent [Video]

Gap Year Abroad China

CIP Gap Year in China Review Sandra enrolled her son on our 12 months Industrial placement and Gap Year Program in China With our CIP Programs. We handled the entire process from start to finish. As a proud and happy…

China’s Top 4 Cities to intern, study, live and Work in

Internship in Guangzhou- Bridge and city picture

One of the benefits of an internship abroad is the chance to try out a city or country before committing to a long-term position—after all, where you live is crucial to your work life happiness. Young Graduates or College students…