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Top 5 Reasons, Why Intern in China – A Career Advisor’s Perspective

Still, wondering why every Student or Graduate must intern in China at least onecw? Although many young people are curious about China, for some the question comes down to whether to spend a lot and invest in an overseas experience,…

Shanghai the First to Ease Expat China Visa Policies; Beijing second

China has been easing visa policies for foreigners in order to attract foreign talent to enter the Chinese workforce or to have foreign graduate students remain in China by offering faster and easier visa processing as well as more opportunities…

China’s Top 4 Cities to intern, study, live and Work in

Internship in Guangzhou- Bridge and city picture

One of the benefits of an internship abroad is the chance to try out a city or country before committing to a long-term position—after all, where you live is crucial to your work life happiness. Young Graduates or College students…