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Overcoming Language Barriers While in China

Are you planning on learning a language abroad, or just traveling abroad for business purposes or vacation? You might be a little nervous about taking on such a task. If you do not speak Chinese, overcoming the language barrier will be one of the biggest challenges you will face.Traveling to another country that is not the same language as your country cab be a bit intimidating enough ,even if you do speak the local language that is enough to make you feel  lost for whole trip. Communication is an important aspect to consider when you decide to take on such a journey. There are a lot of things that you should consider. Off course you would want to be up to date on the easiest and most cost-effective things in the country,to find your way around and ways to keep in touch with friends and family back home.


  •  Download a Language Apps

You can always find free apps in the app store or Google play that would assist you. Once you find difficulty in understanding something you can quickly use the app for a better understanding. You can download the Google Translate app for free but don’t use it to translate full sentences or your language homework / important letters).

  •  Language Dictionary 

It can be extremely nerve wrecking when it comes to being blank with words that u thought you had previously learn when studying a new language. Carry a language dictionary with you when you are out and about.

  • Make friends with locals and teachers

Speaking and communicating with Chinese friends and teachers would help your to develop your speaking skills. Try communicating as much as possible. Accept invites to have dinner or lunch are even a little hang out. Make the spare time to put together lesson plans for you and i am sure that you would likely find someone who would offer their free time and meet up for chit chat a few times.

  •  Often check for the correct meaning.   

If you re about to say something that you are not sure about the meaning, ensure to research the correct meaning before saying any word. Prevent all possibly embarrassment that may occur. Practice reflective listening to check your own understanding and ask yourself questions to check other people’s understanding.

  • Get an Interpreter

Getting you around in China can be a bit of a hassle and may often leave you frustrated, If you got the cash and you would be able to afford it  then you can invest in a good interpreter. The interpreter can be your friend so it wont be weird walking around with an unfamiliar person every time you need something or go out .A Chinese interpreter will enable you to effectively communicate for you. Mind you it is not easy finding an interpreter in China but there should be a few just in case this option comes to mind.

  • Make use of the words that you are familiar with.

Try to use whatever new words or phrases you learn and try to smile even if you got it wrong and try your utmost listen when you are being corrected. Most people tend to remember after they have been corrected.

  • Never refuse hospitality

Chinese believes that is rude when you develop a quick  impression when offered hospitality. Thy tend to think that you are not a friendly person. Take and try every food that is offered to you and don’t be afraid to ask about the culture,history and Chinese lifestyle. Even if it takes you a long time to ask one question.

  • Attend Events

In your free time attend local events, festivals etc, this will help you consume  and get accustom the local culture in a very helpful way.


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