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CIP Gap Year in China Program Review from a Parent [Video]

Gap Year Abroad China

CIP Gap Year in China Review Sandra enrolled her son on our 12 months Industrial placement and Gap Year Program in China With our CIP Programs. We handled the entire process from start to finish. As a proud and happy…

Gap Year in China – A Letter from a Mother

MEMO from a Gap Year MOM By Susan Moeller [tooltip gravity=”nw” txtcolor=”#1e73be” text=”Tips”]Take it from this gap-year mom, it works[/tooltip] [quotes quotes_style=”bquotes” quotes_pos=”center”]Yes, you should be ready for surprises. Perhaps your veterinary student will discover she faints at the sight of…

My Gap Year in China: Case Study & Reflection

Gap Year Programs in China

In His Own Words: James W. F. | CIP GAP YEAR PROGRAM Alumni [tooltip gravity=”nw” text=”Quote:”]”There is hope for Human Kind as long as we connect Rural and Urban folks and make available equal opportunities. I have witnessed first hand and learned…