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Are you thinking of taking a Gap Year? What about these best Gap Year Ideas meant to spice up your plans? Then you need to have something to fill this year with. It doesn’t matter whether you’re having this gap year after finishing high school, in between your years at university or before you find your first real job. At least one of the 17 ideas that we’ve got for you will be right for you, so all you need to do is examine them and see which one speaks to you most of all. I am sure you will also be interested in how to plan your gap year abroad

Why you should take a gap year before college

Perhaps you’re still doubting whether you want to take a gap year at all, if this is the case then let me convince you why it is necessary that you take a gap year before heading off to college.

First of all you’ll be able to take a break from studying, as you are still going to be stuck in college for a couple of more years to come. It can be really nice and refreshing to take a little break and do something different for a year. But this doesn’t mean that you’ll be wasting your time. Many ways to spend your gap year are valuable to your cv and your future, you’ll find some of these ideas in the list below. Finally, taking a gap year is great when you’re not certain what form of higher education you want to pursue, it gives you an extra year to think about it.  Not convinced yet? Then read Gap Year Advantafgees in this article for 8 more advantages to taking a gap year before you go to college. There are several factors to consider for Gap Year in China or even any country and it will be a good resource guide

Exhaustive List of Gap Year Ideas Abroad

  1. Take a shot at voluntourism

When it comes to Gap Year Ideas, you need to be creative and the options and the options are endless. Traveling is a much-made choice for filling your gap year, and volunteering isn’t uncommon either, but how about a combination of both? There are plenty of volunteering programs across the globe that give you the option of doing amazing volunteer work while also having the chance to explore your surroundings. How does spending your time in Fiji sound to you? You can actually do something good for the world while also having a blast. Another example of volunteering is joining the Peace Corps, which is something that you’re never too old for. Click here for more information. Newzealand and China will be a good destination for these experiences

  1. Go backpacking

Looking for a Gap Year Idea? What about Adventure? Yes, it is a little cliché to go backpacking during your gap year, but so many people do it because it’s a fun thing to do. Australia is a very popular destination for young backpackers, but you could also visit South-East Asia or even South America. You just need to find a country, or multiple countries, that you would love to visit and pack your bags. Backpacking will often turn into the experience of a lifetime.

Gap Year Ideas

  1. Teach English

Another way to volunteer while traveling is teaching English in a foreign country. There are plenty of countries where the demand for English teachers is very big. People want to learn English more and more, and you can help them with this as a native English speaker. Not only will be you be able to get in contact with other cultures, but you’ll also often get paid for the work you do or at least get accommodation and meals. Want to Teach in China? Check out this page

  1. Work as a camp counselor

Whether you’re from inside or outside the U.S, you’re certain to have seen those typical American summer camps for children on tv or in a movie at some point. If you are not from the U.S then you might not know that this is not a cliché, these summer camps are real, and you can work at them as a camp counselor. You will get to spend time with children, having fun, enjoying the weather, and all of this while making some money. Sounds ideal year to me.

  1. Working and traveling

Traveling is a lot of fun, but it’s not free. Working while you’re traveling can really help out and make the traveling affordable for you, while also coming into contact with the locals. Think of working at a pub, a restaurant or a fast food place. Especially working in a pub will get you into contact with the locals and will be a lot of fun while you’re also making money.  You can stay in one place for a long time or move constantly, you are in full control.

  1. Participate in an internship

If you want to gain some work experience, perhaps you just finished university, then you can apply for a Gap Year internship. Some internships will even pay you, so it’s sort of like a first job, yet not completely the same. In modern-day society it’s not very easy to land the job you want, so having some work experience on your resume will give you a head start after this gap year.

  1. Work at home

If you’re taking a gap year purely to get some extra rest, but you don’t want to be at home all the time, then you can always take up a part-time job. I know that this is not the most mind-blowing idea, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be the right idea for you. Some people don’t want an amazing gap year full of adventures, they need some time with themselves. Of course it’s awesome when you can make some money while doing this.

Learning Chinese in Shanghai

  1. Learn a new language

When you’re done with traditional education, but you still want to do some sort of learning, then you can always follow a language course. An example would be traveling to China and follow a one-year university course in Mandarin. After one year you’ll be able to speak a language rather decently, which also looks rather nice on your resume. You can also learn English in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada or Australia. Spain is an obvious destination for you if you want to study Spanish and get immersed in the culture or Italian in Italy. Paris is also a romantic destination for French lovers who will like to spend time experiencing France.

  1. Learning some new skills

We’ve already mentioned learning a new language, but there are other skills that you can learn as well. Perhaps you’re planning on living by yourself after this gap year, then you might want to learn how to cook now. CIP’s Gap Year Programs will try and teach you all the skills you need before you go off to college. There is no way you’re going to be better prepared for college than after you followed this gap year program

  1. Become an AU pair

Another way of working abroad that should definitely be mentioned separately is being an AU pair. This means that you’ll be living with a foreign family and taking care of their children, while making money. You’ll be able to do a job that you, hopefully, love while getting to know a new culture and probably also having some time to explore the country you’re living in.

  1. Doing some pre-college courses

It’s not a mind-blowing idea, but it might be the idea that is going to get you through college. You’ll even be able to earn credits that you can put towards your college years. You could, for example, spend your gap year at Oxford following courses that are meant for students going to college. Obviously, you’ll also have some time to explore the beauty of England.

  1. Try all the new things you never had time for

Most of us can understand how stressful the final years of high school or your time in college is. There is little free time, so giving all your energy to learning how to play the flute is often not possible. During your gap year, you have all the time in the world to learn all the things you never got to do. Think about taking cooking classes, finally taking up hockey or learning how to play the piano.

  1. Help out in your community

Volunteering is amazing, but that doesn’t mean you have to fly halfway across the world in order to volunteer. You can practically volunteer in your own backyard. Each neighborhood is in need of volunteers, whether it’s to work at an animal center or to help the elderly in your neighborhood get their groceries.

Learn Chinese in Shanghai

  1. Go on a spiritual retreat

Something that is a little different from the stereotypical backpacking is going on a spiritual retreat, to the mountains of Thailand for example. You can back in touch with your spiritual side and pamper yourself. One thing is for sure, not a lot of people will be able to say they went on a spiritual retreat when they were only a student.

  1. Go all the way out of with partying

Maybe you’ve already worked a lot and you’ve got some cash to spend, then why not travel off to Europe and explore all the party resorts they have over there. There are plenty of places in Europe, take Ibiza for example, where there is always space for a party. You can have a lot of fun and make plenty of new friends.

  1. Start your own business

If you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit within you, then it’s never too early to start your own business. Perhaps you have this great idea for a business, but you never had the time to make something of it, now is your chance. You have plenty of time to build your own business, and perhaps you never have to go back to school again.

  1. Build an art portfolio

Perhaps you have the ambition of going to the art academy, then you will need an extensive portfolio before you can get in. Or you want to become a famous musician, then you can also use this year to start producing your own music. It will be a fun year for you when you’re an aspiring artist.

Join Planned Gap Year Programs Abroad with Agencies

Another Other Gap Year Idea that I wanted to mention separately is choosing for a Gap Year Program Abroad with preplanned programs. These are programs designed for Gap Year Participants and offer so much consultation and assistance. You will be joining other participants from all over the world to a teat. One awesome destination where you could spend your gap year is going to China. If you want to learn more about planning a gap year in China then you should check out the following website.

Do you want to check out other gap year programs then the American gap year association can help you on your way. When you are looking for Gap year programs abroad then it’s smart to look at some reviews of these programs as well, this way you can be certain that you get a good program. Gap year association can also help you with this.

It doesn’t matter which of the 17 Gap Year ideas you opt for, all of them will give you a useful and fun year that you’re never going to forget. The most important that you should do is planning something, nothing is worse than an entire year of nothing, that’s not going to make anyone happy. Planning your years is the most important of all, so make sure to pick one of the ideas above, and you’re sure to have an amazing year. Perhaps you want to travel to Bali and volunteer at an orphanage, or you’re going to stay at home and create an entire array of music. It’s whatever you want to do most. And if you still haven’t found the gap year that fits you the best then you should check out this article for 75 more items.

Gap Year in China


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