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Princess Catharina-Amalia is learning Chinese Mandarin, You Know You Should Too

Still not convinced why you should be learning Chinese Language? Or you are still procrastinating on coming to learn Chinese in China? For your information, Princess Catharina-Amalia, Dutch royalty, and heir to King Willem-Alexander’s throne will begin her Mandarin Chinese…

9 Types of Apps International Students download before Coming to Learn Chinese in China

When you’re visiting China for fun, you’ll probably have different plans than if you are here on an internship or to learn Chinese in China.  Firstly, the length of your trip might be shorter–from a few days to a few…

The Dragon Boat Festival: Cultural Immersion During China Internship

Chinese Culture in Perspective for Chinese Language Participants and Interns in China If your China Internship Program has already started, get ready for a cultural treat! If you are already learning Chinese in China within these periods, it’s even better! You…