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As an intern in china, If you want to make friends, close deals, partner or have a successful career in China, you cannot ignore this article. The essence of anInternship in China is to gain experiences that cut across the Asian continent, get immersed in the culture so to think like the locals. These are special and priceless skills that every young graduate need to be able to lead any organization with a cutting-edge strategy into the Asian Markets. Chinese etiquette is unique and differs so much from most countries in the world. The diverse nature of the Chinese values and social norm makes the East Asia Nation an excellent destination for International Internships and Opportunity to learn Chinese Language. 90% of our Business Internship in China Participants have expressed interest in exploiting Chinese Business ethics and corporate environment as well as how far culture penetrates these circles. Understanding the local etiquette is very vital to your success as an intern in China.  Chinese Language Program Participants learn how each dynasty contributed to the development of social norms and ethics. This is an essential part of our Mandarin Immersion Programs. So if you find yourself in China while walking the streets, be sure to practice these disciplines. Go ahead and impress your Chinese friends with these culturally rooted etiquettes and you will never regret it.


Greetings are essential in every culture around the globe. Greetings are as a tool to connect with just anyone. In various countries including yours; people tend to have different ways of greetings and China is no exception. As a foreigner, being able to greet in the local language will impress just anyone on the street. If you master this, get ready to be praised and flattered. Before coming to China, you might want to learn this etiquette about Chinese culture. You can get some understanding of how Chinese people greet each other


Ni Hao你好Hello

How are you?

Ni Hao ma你好吗
Wo hen hao我很好I am good
Nin Hao, Wo De Ming Zi Shi…您好Hello(for persons in authority)


Table and eating etiquette

You will agree that the Chinese use It is believed that when dining the chopsticks should not be placed upright bowl because it is believed that this act symbolizes death. And it is also believe when finishing a meal most times you would belch or burp as we would call it to compliment the chef for cooking such a delicious and satisfying meal.



Chinese believe that handshaking originated from the ancient times. During that time humans survived by hunting. Once they encounter someone they would throw aside their hunting equipment and open the person’s hands as a sign of respect. Since then etiquette has been a big aspect in the life of the Chinese generation.


Visiting family and Friends 

If it is your first time that you arrive in China and you haven’t met up or being introduced to any Chinese family before, remember present and receive things with both hands. It is not a norm to unwrap gifts when receiving them but considered it to be polite in Chinese culture to open the gifts once you left their sight. Do not open it unless they insist or simply ask,”Can I open it?” If you have to give a gift for any celebration avoid using black or white gift paper, and ensure to wrap in a proper manner. Use red or festive colors.

They find it very inappropriate to send a clock or things to do with four as a gift,        because these numbers symbolizes funeral.

  • Photograph

You might see a person looking interesting and that might be tempted to snap a picture with them but don’t. Especially photographing old folks without their permission because it is likely to cost you or at often assumed that a request to photograph them is an offer to gain money.

  • Bargaining

When visiting the large markets or even privately operated stores there you should be able to use your bargaining skills. Try to build a close and harmonious relationship at first. Chinese tend to soften and cater to your request. Be sure to Smile and be friendly you might just be offered more at a better price

  • Facial Expressions

Never shout even when someone made you angry or did something wrong. Getting high tempered easily will simply make the others feel that he or she has lost dignity. They may never want to cross paths with you at anytime. Try your utmost best to smile and keep every encounter friendly and peaceful. If a problem arises, kindly ask the person to solve whatever may have arisen.


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