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Cheat Sheet On How To Crowdfund for your Internship in China

International Internships are very essential part of every young graduate’s step to building good profiles and competing in the Job market. Internships Abroad are once again very important because most organizations perceive it as a positive indicator of courage, independence and the extras. A recent Survey conducted by and reported on Forbes, 50% of over 650k graduates confirm that the number one importance of taking an International Internship is to secure  a decent  Job. You and I know this is very important but it does not come free just as it is true for Internships in China. Unlike local internships, International Internships require some sort of resource commitment which usually scares Students but remember this cliche? “No pain No Gain”. Even if you pay no cost for the Internship placement, remember you will need to spend on flight ticket and in some instances funding your own accommodation, insurance and some personal expenses.

Taking an internship in China should not break your back! There are very innovative ways of raising funds to pay for the bills that come with internship Abroad. You can Save, ask for support of your parents, seek scholarship funds, crowd fund and to mention but few. There are several platforms for crowdfunding a Study Abroad or an International unternship but FundMyTravel hapens to be one of the easiest. Get a Complete guide to set up and some cheat sheets you may need to spice up your campaign. CIP Collaborates with them to make this possible for you!

FundMyTravel is a great resource to raise money for your meaningful travel experiences. From studying abroad in China to volunteering with children in the world, FundMyTravel can help you raise the necessary funds to make your travel dreams come true. There are multiple resources on FundMyTravel that can help you reach your target goal. Below are some ways on how you can use these resources when creating your campaign.


Get A Ton Of Ideas From The FundMyTravel Toolkit

FMT -1.jpg

The FundMyTravel Toolkit is a great resource with multiple useful tips and tricks on how to make your campaign the best it can be. Not only are there tips on what to do with your campaign but downloadable checklists that help you make sure you have completed everything you need to. Check out the toolkit to see how to create a video to writing your campaign description to how to share your campaign with possible donors.


Don’t Forget To Add The Donor Rewards and Adventure Registry


When creating your campaign you have the option to add items to the donor rewards and adventure registry section. We highly recommend doing this! With the donor rewards you are giving back to the people that are supporting your dream. You are able to choose how many people will receive this reward (ex: 5-20 people per reward) and then for every person that donates the selected amount of money to your campaign you are able to give them a reward. These rewards can vary from postcards to souvenirs to even hand written songs.


This is a great way to get donors involved as well as excited to donate you should also add items to your adventure registry when creating your campaign. This is a way to ask your donors for specific items you may need for your trip. For example, if you really need a backpack or airline miles, you can add these items to the Adventure Registry and your friends and family can ‘grant’ anything they have and would like to donate to you for your trip. There are tonnes of presentable paraphernalia you may buy during your internship in China mission. CIP’s Client service team can help you make good selections that are affrodable but presentable.

In this section, you can also write items you have already purchased or saved, and where the money came. For example, if you got a scholarship, used financial aid, or saved from your summer job, you could add these items to your Adventure Registry so people who look at your campaign know how hard you have already worked.  This shows your donors that you are being proactive in your efforts to raise money for your trip.

Check Out The Articles On The FundMyTravel Blog

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the FundMyTravel Blog and read some interesting articles posted by our team as well as our team of guest writers. There you will find all kinds of articles from budgeting to articles on different destinations around the world. The blog has all kind of different articles that will help you plan for your upcoming trip. So head on over to the FundMyTravel blog and start reading different articles to help with your campaign, budgeting, and upcoming trip.

Using the resources above, you’ll reach your goal amount in no time and have an amazing trip! FundMyTravel’s goal is to get campaigners like you to have a successful fundraiser and a meaningful travel experience. For more questions on how to make your campaign great, visit our FAQ page for more

Note the following

  • Start Early, last minute campaigns do not usually attract enough funds
  • Create a Compelling campaign and send out Convincing messages
  • Back it up with some videos which makes it more convincing
  • Dont forget to show appreciation at least promise to
  • Make sure you adhere to the promises you made to the donors.

We encourage responsible crowd funding! so do not exaggerate the project but say it as it is and dont forget to honor your promise to the donors. This way, others could also benefit in the future!


Take Advantage of CIP’s Scholarship Contest 

It may happen that crowdfundung will not provide all the cash you needed for your internship in China project. Look out for CIP’s 2016/17 Scholarship Contest which will be announced soon. Do you want to Join? Follow us on Social media

We have also prepared a comprehensive budgeting guide for you to be able to plan your funds. You will learn more about how to convince your parents to support you, other easy find raising opportunities and how to recoup your internship cost while in China. When you download this, you will also get a Free 30 Minute Consultation where our Program consultants will assist you plan your International Internship


Affordable Internship in China


Author Bio:

Megan is a senior at Colorado State studying Marketing and Media Studies. Megan recently got back from studying abroad in Torino, Italy where she had the chance to travel to 10 countries and 28 cities. Megan can’t wait to see where her next adventure will take here. Megan is currently a FundMyTravel Marketing Coordinator with


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