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How to Get Your Parents On Board With Your China Internship Program

When you’re a young adult, you’re old enough to vote and to make decisions for yourself, such as the decision to intern abroad, in China; but that doesn’t mean you can just pack a bag and go.  Money aside, traveling overseas is a big decision, and an internship Abroad is not a one or two day affair. Any time you’ll be away from family and friends for an extended period of time, you need to inform them and elicit their love and support.

Sure, you know you want to complete an internship abroad. You know you want to intern in China. You might even know which city you want to intern in, but do your parents know?  Make sure your loved ones are on the same page as you so that they’ll have your back and support you.


1. Drop Hints

You probably didn’t decide you want to go abroad in an instant, nor did you choose China as your destination without some research, so why would you tell your parents about your plans in one sit down? People need time to digest information, and everyone thinks the best ideas are their own. So, instead of sitting down your parents and letting them know of your grand decision and expecting support (especially financial support), try dropping little hints here and there over the course of a few weeks–hey, why not months? Just make sure you leave enough time to apply or start on the process without letting them know.


2. Show them you’re serious

Do your homework on the various China internship programs, print forms out, and collect pamphlets. Have budget charts and tables ready filled out and make a list of all the things you’ll do during your internship in China. Map our your career and have deadlines writtend own in a clear timeline to help you persuade your parents to decide on their support in time. You may also drop some facts and figures about relevance of taking and internship in China just to set the agenda for discussion. You may also find a connection between how deep your experience will be joining a China Internship. For example, those interested in career related to International Trade, Finance, Marketing, Architecture, Engineering  could make a compelling case with ease. When they understand that the thousands of investment into your education may come to a fruition and make you competive in the Job market, your parents will appreciate it.


3. Bring in some cash

You wouldn’t want someone to make decisions all by themselves and then have you foot the bill, would you? Neither would your parents want to discover that you’re doing an internship in China on their money.  Understand where your parents are coming from, learn what your financial situation is before asking them to pay for your internship in China.  If money is tight, get a job before telling them, and assure them you can save a certain amount of money to help cover costs.


4. Ask for their opinion

While starting on the process on the low down is a good idea, it’s not a good idea to go through the whole process and inform your parentals at the very end. Instead, try involving your parents in the fine details of your research and decision-making. Perhaps you’ve set your eyes on China for a while and you know exactly which industry you want to go into based on your major, but your parents might have insight on which city to live in, which China internship program to go with, or the type of company that can teach you the most in China.  After all, no one understands you quite as well as your parents when it comes to the comfort and support you need.


5. Assure them you can do it

Even if you’ve survived college without your parents, going to a foreign country, especially China, is still a giant leap from your parents’ perspective.  Now, it’s not just about being able to drive yourself to campus, cook yourself dinner, or do your own laundry. Now, it’s about surviving in a foreign country with a culture vastly different from your own, using an unfamiliar language–and all by yourself! If you’re at all scared, imagine how your mommy and daddy must feel.

Help them out, and tell them how you’ll take care of yourself. Tell them where you’ll live, what you’ll pack with you, and how you’ll stay safe.  Tell them what the time difference is, how you’ll stay in touch (skype?), and how often you’ll call.  Maybe you can document your experiences with a blog that they can follow or promise to take a selfie every day–whatever fits your style. China internships organized on the right platform surely has facilities and information to assist you, CIP provides opportunity to help you convince your parents


6. Tell them “thank you”

Regardless of what your parents’ initial reaction to your decision of interning in China is, you know they love you.  Their rejection comes from their fear of the unknown, and China is still largely unknown! Let your parents know that you appreciate them listening to your request, even if they don’t initially support your decision.  There’s plenty of time to soften them up later, so take the time to make them feel loved first.


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