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Forbes 2022 top China Business Cities Suitable for China Internship

The year 2022 presents several optimistic outlooks for most Chinese industries as per preliminary reports released by respectable expert houses such as Mckinsey & Company and the likes of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Improving productivity and efficiency will remain the key to maintaining profitability for many companies, and that will push for the use of efficient talents and technology. For China Internship participants, it is an opportunity to witness this growth and changes through professional internship placements. Forbes China, which is the licensed Chinese-language version of Forbes Magazine released China’s top 10 cities for doing business in 2021 and China Internship placement, organize Chinese Mandarin Programs as well as Internship in China Programs in all those cities. The list had Guangzhou, topping with Shenzhen at number 2 followed by Shanghai, Wuxi, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Beijing, Ningbo, Suzhou, and Chengdu respectively. Uur Internship in China programs are organized in China’s most opportunistic cities presenting real value for participants. if your are considering to learn Chinese in China, this is a good guide to selecting the right city

The paragraphs below shows why these cities are included in the list and it will help readers decide how to enter China and which city is appropriate.

2022 top Cities to Intern in China According to Forbes

Number 1: Guangzhou

Internship in Guangzhou

Guangzhou city has maintained its position as the topmost from the previous year. It has been consistent due to the city’s Human Resources, booming port business, and also due to the city’s transport infrastructure. Regarded as the Southern business hub, Guangzhou is the headquarters to some of china’s Richest and property owners as well as companies. The booming markets in Guangzhou are Real Estate and real estate sector, Construction and Engineering, Heavy Duty, chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, and Electronics. The Soft industries like fashion are also booming with many global brands and designers sitting their manufacturing center here. Our Internship in Guangzhou Program places interns into befitting companies, so they gain substantial experiences in this fast-developing city.

Number 2: Shenzhen

Internship in Shenzhen

Shenzhen follows with an enviable number 2 position. Shenzhen Houses the Internet giant Tencent and China’s telecommunications hardware leader Huawei Technologies. Shenzhen is one of the fastest developing cities, Haven hosted the first China Free Trade Zone (FTZ), its growth has been elevated to the highest height. There are at least four companies formed in Shenzhen every day. Shenzhen has the second of China’s Stock exchanges: the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Famous Companies such as Apple, NCR, NVIDIA, Schneider Electric, Baidu, Intel Corporation, etc. Automobile Companies such as BYD, Geely and Volvo are located here. The city presents numerous opportunities in the high-tech industry to participants in our internships in the Shenzhen program.

Number 3: Shanghai

Internship in Shanghai

Shanghai follows with the third position chalking success as the busiest port city in the world and home to several international brands. Shanghai is the golden egg for the Chinese government as it is being transformed into a modern financial sector. Shanghai has worked hard to attract both national and international tourism through the development of the city and projects such as the shopping and entertainment complex Xintiandi. The good news is that Shanghai is attracting numerous organizational headquarters in the sub-region because there are so many incentives for, doing so. Sectors such as finance, logistics, NGO, Insurance, Marketing, Engineering, IT and above all consultancy in all areas provide experience-enhancing opportunities for Internship Participants. If you are looking to mingle with other foreigners while developing your career in China, then an Internship in Shanghai is ideal for you

Number 4: Wuxi

Wuxi is elevated as a grade investment city with two large industrial parks devoted to new industries. Wuxi, export processing zone, encourage industries such as electronic information, optical-mechanical-electronic-integration, precision machinery, and new materials.
For a while, the city has been the current manufacturing hub to textiles, electric motor manufacturing and MRP software development the next foreseeable sectors to enter Wuxi. The city acts as the solar technology hub for China as two major photovoltaic companies are based in the town with the likes of Suntech Power and Jetion Holdings Ltd which are listed on foreign stock exchanges.

Number 5: Nanjing

Nanjing city is industrialized with electronics, cars, petrochemical, iron and steel, and power as lead sectors. Huge firms such as Panda Electronics, Jincheng Motors, and Nanjing Steel are located in this historical city. Nanjing’s tertiary industry contributes 44% of the GDP of the city. Some famous multinational firms, such as Volkswagen Group, Iveco, and Sharp, have established their production lines in Nanjing. The following industrial zones are located in NanjingHi-Tech Industrial Zone, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanjing Export Processing Zone, and New High-Tech Industry Development Zone. All these zones present and opportunity for prospecting and experience enhancement.

Number 6: Hangzhou

INternship in China

Hangzhou is becoming a tech city with the likes to Alibaba headquartered there. Hangzhou has added new industries to already existing ones, including medicine, information technology, heavy equipment, automotive components, household electrical appliances, electronics, telecommunication, fine chemicals, chemical fiber and food processing- Wikipedia. Hangzhou just like other top 5 cities has properly developed economic zones such as the Economic & Technological Development Zone, Export Processing Zone, and Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, which attract billions of investments each year.

Number 7: Beijing

Internship in Beijing

Being the capital of China, Beijing has the heaviest presence of state-owned enterprises than any other city in China. Beijing in 2021 hosted the Olympics game that got it exposed to the world and five years after, Beijing had more Fortune Global 500 Company headquarters than any other city in the world obviously because most big multinational organizations entering China would like to be close to policymakers to lobby or get the first time hint of policy changes. The city also ranked No. 4 in the number of billionaire residents after Moscow, New York, and Hong Kong as reported by PwC.
There are about six economic zones in Beijing. There are several opportunities for Interns in the sector of Finance, Consultancy, NGO, Marketing, Manufacturing and several others. Internship in Beijing opens more doors for you to launch your career in China

Number 8: Ningbo

Ningbo hosts important development zones established in or around it and the city has received huge foreign investments in the past and also touted as one of the leading destinations for FDI. Over 100 domestic and foreign-invested financial institutions have established operations in the city serving all businesses in the region. Ningbo municipal government offers preferential policies designated to encourage investment in international trade, new strategic industries, manufacturing, information services, and creative industries. Among its Free Trade Zones are Economic & Technological Development Zone, Ningbo Daxie Development Zone, Ningbo National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone. It hosts the famous Nordic Industrial Park which houses several hi-tech companies. Ningbo has a port second to Shanghai in the world, and this explains its trade results.

Number 9: Suzhou

It is no doubt that Suzhou’s economy is based massively on its significant and growing manufacturing sector which is China’s second largest. Industries such iron and steel, IT and electronic equipment, and textile products. With a properly developed service sector grew, primarily owing to tourism, Suzhou is bound to attract as many consultancies in the future as well as more financial firms. The city also benefits from Foreign Direct Investment as a spillover effect due to its proximity to based on its proximity to Shanghai and favorable business atmosphere.
The Suzhou Industrial Park (SIP) is the largest cooperative project between the Chinese and Singaporean government.

Number 10: Chengdu

China’s state council has designated Chengdu as the country’s western center of logistics, commerce, finance, science, and technology, as well as a hub of transportation and communication. It is also an important base for manufacturing and agriculture.

Haven numbered them; it is incumbent on participants to decide which city is ideal for them based on their expectations. As outlined in the upper pages, it is incumbent on members to make better inquiries about the reliable cities suitable for their internships before venturing. We have a specialized department to consult and advise participants for free and are not obliged to patronize our services. We exist to make Internship in China more meaningful. Fire an email to [email protected] for more details and general information about Internships in China just ask any question. You may also join us on skype with the ID “chinainternshipplacements”.

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