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Now that you’ve made the brilliant decision of spending your gap year in China, it’s time to start planning it.  Planning your China Gap Year will be a rewarding exercise and I will recommend you review  7 factors to consider for your gap year as well as the 8 advantages of selecting China as a Gap Year destination. Traveling far can be difficult to plan, not to mention how stressful it could be, but it’s even more complicated when it’s a gap year. A gap year should not just be about working to raise funds or lying on a beach somewhere.  You want your gap year to be personally meaningful and to professionally count for something when it’s over.  That way, you’ll be able to use your gap year as a foundation from which to build the rest of your plans, whether it’s your college application or a job resume.

Start researching early

Don’t leave the Gap Year planning to the last minute even if you’ve got exams and final projects to complete prior to graduation.  You should have all your gap year research done, if not planned, by the time you graduate—there is no time to waste!  This is especially true if you’re looking to complete a work internship during your gap year.

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  1. Set your goals

Have you ever imagined what you could do on your China Gap Year? There is a world of opportunities opened to you when you decide to intern in China. It is ideal to Know what you want to achieve during your gap year. Do you want to work during the week and explore nature on the weekends? Do you want to learn a new language and immerse in another culture? Do you want to focus on finding yourself and what you want to do and only work for a portion of your time? Or perhaps you don’t want to work at all and just want to relax and gain insight.

“Gapers” can combine Internships with Chinese Language Studies, travel, Volunteering and Personal Development

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  1. Check with family

If you’re underage, you need your parents’ permission before going anywhere, but even if you’re an adult, you should still consult your family.  Taking a gap year is a huge decision that consumes time and postpones your college and work plans. In addition, taking your gap year abroad is a brave decision that you shouldn’t make without proper discussion. You might be tempted to hop on a plane without telling anyone, but gap years cost money. Besides, you’ll wish you had when a week later you’re homesick in China and no one answers your Skype calls.

But Wait! Before proceeding to speak with your parents about Gap Year, you should be prepared for the followup questions. Check out this article on how to speak to your parents about your Gap Year Abroad mission

 A parent reviews our Gap Year Program while her Son was with us for 12 months in China

  1. Create a budget

Speaking of money, you should know how much you can afford to spend on your gap year. Your budget will determine your location, how long you can afford to stay, and what you can do. If someone else is funding your gap year, such as your family, make sure to include them in the budgeting talks.

  1. Decide on the length

Although we call it a “gap year”, there’s no law that states you have to be away for an entire year. You could leave for a semester, a quarter, or three quarters. Conversely, you could extend your gap year longer if you want to. Extensions can always be done later, but at the beginning, you should know how long you want to go away for.

  1. Choose a city

People underestimate the importance of choosing the right city.  Perhaps you don’t have the freedom to choose your college or work destination, but you can definitely choose where to have your gap year.  If you choose the wrong city and end up in a climate that’s too cold or too humid, an environment that doesn’t offer the excursions you were looking forward to, or the reputation you were hoping would enhance your internship—you will either end your internship early or complete it without satisfaction.  Don’t underestimate location and always do your research seriously.

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  1. Select a provider

Once you know the key aspects of a Gap Year, such as where you want to go and what you want to do; and you’ve nailed down the practical aspects, such as how long you want to stay and how much you want to spend—it’s time to choose a provider.  Going to China at such a young age means you want to choose a provider with safety and reliability in mind. Choosing the wrong provider can ruin your gap year, but the right provider can give you and your family a peace and comfort.

Its great to Contact a few providers and these questions could help you select the Best platform

1. How long have they been in Business

2. How professional are they? do they provide a personal Program Adviser to take you through the Planning Process

3. Do you have options?

4. What about their Social Media Presence?

5. Are they physically present in the city you have selected? or they have outsourced the service delivery?

6. Do they provide Mentoring and Coaching?

What are you waiting for? Print out your checklist and start the planning process to make your China gap year a reality!

Gap Year in China

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