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Winter Internships: How to Find and Apply For Them

Let’s review winter internships! Winter is a great time to do an internship abroad or locally. While many students are home for the holidays, companies are still hiring, and there are plenty of internship programs available. If you’re seeking a winter internship, this article will show you where to look for them, what to include in your application, and how to make the most of your time.

Most winter internships provide college credit, and managers may act as references for future employment opportunities. Some institutions demand that students find internships, while others do not. You may or may not be required to look for winter internships for college students, but obtaining one is a good idea since you will learn skills and gain experience.

Types of Winter Internships?

A winter internship is an exciting and unique experience. Students participate in short-term engagements that seasoned experts manage regularly. They may listen to lectures and attend meetings to learn how organizations function or get your hands dirty working on real tasks. Though these internships variey, they offer more than you can imagine

Internships may be found in a variety of fields and industries. Winter internships are available in sectors that employ year-round, such as healthcare, retail, and information technology. However, winter internships are also available in fields with a slower hiring season, such as fashion and media.

How Long Does a Winter Internship Last?

The winter internship season typically runs from December to February, though some programs may start as early as November or run through March. In general, most winter internships last between two and four months.

Winter internships for college students

Many college students take advantage of winter internships to gain experience in their chosen field, make connections, and build their resumes. Winter internships are often shorter than summer internships, lasting only a few weeks or months. This can be a great opportunity for students who are looking to gain experience but cannot commit to a longer internship. However, there are a few challenges that come with winter internships. For one, the competition for winter internships can be fierce, as there are usually fewer positions available. Additionally, the time commitment can be challenging for students who are also taking classes. Finally, the work itself may be more intense than what students are used to, as employers often expect interns to work longer hours during the winter months. Despite these challenges, winter internships can be a great way for college students to gain experience and build their resumes.

Benefits of Doing an Internship in Winter

First, winter internships can give you a head start on your career. If you can secure an internship for the winter months, you’ll have a leg up on your classmates when it comes time to apply for full-time jobs.

An internship may be one of the most effective methods to break into a firm. Do an internship well, and you may land a summer internship or obtain a job offer. Even if they aren’t able to offer you a position, you’ll leave with loads of information and practical expertise that can help you get another employment.

Additionally, winter internships can help you build your network. Many professionals are more likely to be in the office during the winter months, so you’ll have more opportunities to meet people in your field and make connections.

Winter internships can also give you experience working in a fast-paced environment. Companies are often short-staffed during the winter months, so you’ll have the chance to take on more responsibility and get hands-on experience.

Last but not least, while taking a few classes might help you catch up on credits, the experience you gain doing an internship will be more valuable. You may even be able to do both by enrolling in online courses while working as an intern.

Winter Internship

Drawbacks of an Internship in Winter

First, winter weather can make commuting difficult. If you’re doing an internship in a city that gets snow, be prepared for long commutes and weather-related delays. Second, the holiday season can be hectic, both at work and at home. If you’re interning during the winter, you may have to miss out on holiday parties and family gatherings.

What Kind of Internship Should You Pursue?

When choosing a winter internship, it’s important to consider your career goals. If you’re interested in a particular field or industry, look for internships that will give you experience in that area. If you’re not sure what you want to do after graduation, winter internships can help you explore different career options.

Where to Look for Winter Internships?

For-profit companies, non-profits, and government agencies all offer winter internship programs. You can search for open positions on job boards, company websites, or your school’s career center.

In addition, don’t forget to network! Talk to family and friends, attend career fairs, and reach out to professionals in your field of interest. In this sense, career counselors can help you identify companies hiring interns and connect you with alumni who work in the field you’re interested in.

Top Cities to Intern Abroad in Winter

Some students and fresh graduates prefer to stay close to home, while others use their internship as an opportunity to travel. Take a look at some of the top cities for winter internships abroad:

  • New York, USA
  • London, UK
  • Paris, France
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Dublin, Ireland
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Shanghai, China
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • Dubai, UAE

Industries and Important Sectors For Winter Internships

  • Engineering Winter Internship
  • Computer Programming
  • Data Analyst Internship
  • Software Engineering
  • Marketing Internship
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Investment Banking
  • International Business
  • Trade and Logistics internships
  • Winter Consulting Internship
  • Consulting Internship
  • Supply Chain Management Internship

Paid or Unpaid Winter Internship?

In most cases, winter internships are unpaid, and some companies offer stipends to help offset the cost of living. If you’re considering an unpaid internship, make sure you have a solid financial plan. Internships that provide benefits such as free housing or transportation are also worth investigating.

Winter Internship Programs & Providers

If you’re having trouble finding a winter internship on your own, consider applying to an internship program. These programs provide housing, transportation, and other support to help you make the most of your winter internship experience.

A few of the top winter internship abroad programs include:

  • The Intern Group: offers winter internships in London, Madrid, Barcelona, and other major cities.
  • CIEE: provides winter internships in Sydney, Australia.
  • CAPA The Global Education Network: offers winter internships in Dublin, Ireland.
  • IES Abroad: provides winter internships in Berlin, Germany.
  • CEA: offers winter internships in Paris, France.
  • China Internship Placements: offers winter internships in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou.
  • Projects Abroad: provides winter internships in Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Go Abroad: Go Abroad lists all the insightful internship abroad opportunities and their reviews and stories. Considering a winter internship abroad? this may be super helpful for your research
  • Go Overseas: An Equally good platform that lists internship abroad opportunities for college students and recent grads.
  • Ratemyplacements: RMP is a platform that offers a listing of Graduate opportunities, Winter and summer internships, and international short-term internship jobs. It is customized to the needs of students in the UK.
  • Target Jobs: Like RMP, it offers an updated listing of internship opportunities. They partner with universities to deliver these opportunities.
  • Handshake – If you want to find an internship in the United States, Handshake is the right tool. They are not open to the general public, so you must check with your university.
  • – This is an equally popular platform where companies list their winter internship job opportunities. Usually serves students and colleges in the Northern American Region.

Job Boards for Finding Winter Internships

  • Winter Internship Jobs and Employment – Indeed list winter internship opportunities from top organizations. Winter Internship jobs are available on, and you can apply for finance, development, marketing, and Engineering internships during the winter.
  • LinkedIn Winter Internship Opportunities: Leverage your professional network and get hired for your winter internship job, both local and international
  • Glassdoor – Winter Internship Jobs: Glassdoor is one of the most widely used platforms for finding a winter internship. You can filter your search by function, industry, and location on this website.
  • Wayup: Find more winter internships for college grads and students on Wayup.
  • Simplyhired: You can equally find great winter internship opportunities on this job board

Companies Hiring for Winter Internships

Universities offering Winter Internships for their Students

Eligibility Requirements for a Winter Internship

Most winter internship programs have similar eligibility requirements. For example, most programs require that you be a current college student or recent graduate. Additionally, many programs require that you have a minimum GPA and basic computer skills.

Make sure you fulfill all the criteria before applying for an internship opportunity. This will help you get accepted into the program.

When to Apply for your Winter Internship?

The application process for winter internships begins in the fall, typically in September or October. Many programs have rolling admissions, so it’s best to apply early.

Is December too late to apply?

It depends on the program. Some programs may still have open positions, while others may have already filled all their winter internships. If you’re interested in a particular winter internship program, contact the program coordinator to find out if they are still accepting applications.

Application Process

The application process for winter internships is similar to the process for internships in other seasons. Start by researching companies and internship programs that interest you. Then, prepare your application materials, including your resumecover letter, and required portfolio pieces. Finally, submit your application and follow up with the company to express your continued interest.

It is essential to prepare for your internship interview ahead of time, check out our internship preparation guide. The major advice is to research more about the host company, industry and your role.

What Should I Keep in Mind When Applying for Winter Internships?

First and foremost, remember that winter internships are competitive. So, it’s important to put your best foot forward in the application process. In addition, be prepared for a fast-paced work environment. Companies often have high turnover during the winter months, so you’ll need to be able to hit the ground running and take on additional responsibility.

Preparing for Your Internship

Once you’ve secured a winter internship, it’s time to start preparing for the work ahead. If you’re interning in a different city, research the cost of living and housing options in the area. You should also create a budget to help you manage your finances during the internship.

And finally, don’t forget to pack your winter clothes! If you’re not used to cold weather, make sure to invest in some warm coats, hats, and gloves.

Key Takeaways

  • Winter internships are a great way to gain work experience and build your resume.
  • Most winter internships are unpaid, but some companies offer stipends or other benefits.
  • If you’re having trouble finding an internship, consider applying to an internship program.
  • The application process for winter internships begins in the fall, typically in September or October.
  • Winter internships are competitive, so it’s important to put your best foot forward in the application process.
  • Be prepared for a fast-paced work environment and be ready to take on additional responsibility.
  • Research the cost of living and housing options in the area before you start your internship.
  • Don’t forget to pack your winter clothes!

Looking for a winter internship? Check out our complete guide to applying for internship programs abroad.