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15 Qualities of an Effective Intern

For the past 4 years, I have worked with several organizations as part of CIP’s effort to increase precision within our placements. The goal is to make sure, applicants’ skills, traits, career goals and program expectation matches that of the coporate culture of our host companies.  In an attempt to draft the qualities of an ideal intern, Human Resource managers need to tell us what they expect from a perfect intern.

I also encountered many of these terms being used during intern’s performance evaluation. I am sure our Shanghai Internship Program participants are also familair with some of these qualities. 

I want to give you some advice on how to thrive during an internship abroad. Its fair to also say that this is not an exhaustive list. 


  •  They stay focused

Successful people do not ponder on mishap or difficult encounter that had previously happened or other pointless thinking. They distinguish themselves in excellent performance way above the norm. Taking an internship abroad comes with a whole new challenge, different environment as well as cultural shocks both at the workplace and on the streets. One typical trait of a good intern is, they do not lose focus but rather keep their eyes on the ultimate

  • They tackle the tough challenges first

This is more like a tip to get you efficient. The least challenged tasks are straightforward to cancel, and most people are spirited and full of energy in the morning, so that would be the best time handle the extremes tasks and assignments. As an intern, time is not your friend because you have a short time to learn so much. Always keep looking out for steps to maximize your 8 hours in the office

  • Take Initiative.

 When you master the art of taking initiatives, you will be an asset in the corporate world. Taking initiative has become the most critical skill interns must have during an internship.  One secret is that an intern, You are to make your boss’s life easier and efficiently achieve targets. Always strive to anticipate the next assistance you can provide for ongoing projects. Request to do these 

  • They review their to-do list and prioritize

They review their task list and ensure that everything is in the right order and put the most important tasks first. They also put full focus and consideration in everything they do

  • The always have the need for Learning

Successful persons understand that education is not  something to be wasted hence the reason why they’re always putting themselves to the test challenging themselves and learning something new.

  • They take Risks

Taking risk can be a critical decision but sometimes it can be a wise choice.  Successful people are great risk-takers and that’s the reason why they can also be refererred to as risk managers. As the journey is started, the important aspect should be taken into consideration. A true entrepreneur has to be willing to take risks and as often as possible to be successful.

  • They accept failure as a lesson 

 In fact failure is life’s greatest teacher and sometimes we need to fail to succeed. It  also brings a driving force for compassion, empathy, kindness, and great achievement. Theses people accept failure with an eased mind because in most cases this would of been a wake up call for them.

  • Set Boundaries

successful people create boundaries and stick to them. They take control and stick to it. Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain but with hard work and dedication great results will prevail in the end.

  • They have a passion

Successful people have a passion for whatever they do and ensure it is done to the best of their ability. They look at the things that they own and treat it with such compassion and the things that they things they do and  and knows that there’s nothing else thy’ed rather be doing.

  • Make it Happen

They make things happen and make it happen as soon as possible. They don’t linger around and waste time. They believe that time wasted is also money wasted and time is wasted can never be regain. They plan ahead and work hard and get important things done when its set be be done.

  • Ask Questions

They ask ask questions like . How can I grow today?”  How can I further my life and work?  

  • Successful people don’t get distracted by others

Others journeys to success can be inspiring and motivational and you can learn a lot from their mistakes and their victories. They don’t compare their progress to others, but instead of use their stories as inspiration, but no intent to make others  feel jealous, stressed, unworthy.Successful people realize their journey is unique and can’t be compared.

  • They never make excuses

It doesn’t matter how many excuses that may arise to say, successful people often know that it will not change the outcome of the matter. Justified excuses don’t automatically make a project or person successful. When things doesnt go as planned or terribly wrong. Successful person often sees it as an opportunity to puch harder ans use a different method .They don’t waste a lot of energy and time making excuses or blaming the economy.

  • They take responsibility

Successful people know that they are the leader of their own destiny. They don’t complain about the things that stopped them from success. Instead, they push forward knowing that they are the only thing that will make or break their success.

  •  They believe in themselves and their vision

If you want to achieve big results, you’ve got to believe in yourself. successful people have undefinable confidence in themselves and in their future. They believe that they can achieve their dreams and that they can do whatever they want in life, then work hard to achieve it.


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