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7 Easy Ways to Reduce Your China Internship Cost

Embarking on an Internship in China does not have to be an expensive affair.  The initial cost outlook might evoke sweat drops, but upon closer examination, you’ll find that such costs can easily be reduced. There are many ways to both reduce your internship budget and even recoup the costs of your internship while interning! In this article, we outline ways CIP can help you intern on a budget. These pieces of nuggets also apply to our Chinese Language Courses and Gap Year Programs.

The early bird catches the worm

The earlier you start your search, the more likely you’ll be able to take advantage of CIP’s internal early bird promotions.  Keep a close eye on our website for limited time discounts and grants to instantly reduce your internship costs!

Budgeting is for the wise

If you haven’t learned to budget yet, make this your first step.  Ask you parents and family for help, and gain a good understanding of your own financial situation.  Know how much money you have to spend, how much money you can earn or raise, and how much time it will take to have the amount needed for your internship or gap year.  Don’t blindly sign up for an internship without knowing your situation, but always have a plan—whether it be a plan for raising or earning money before your internship, or a plan for an internship with stipends, or even a plan where you will need to recoup the cost of your internship later.

Know thyself

Here at CIP, we have a variety of program options and associated costs to choose from.  What is important is not what we can offer you, but what you want to learn and accomplish during your internship.  Therefore, it is critical that you understand your own wants and needs first, and then go through our program options with a checklist and narrow down the exact components that you are interested in including in your CIP China internship.  Doing so can drastically cut down your internship costs, and will make it easier to match your career goals with the budget you should have calculated prior to this step.

Some of the many components CIP can offer in addition to an executive internship placement in China include: visa and medical insurance, accommodation, private Chinese lessons, business mentoring and coaching, networking events, entrepreneurial training, a welcome pack, and various excursions and other activities in the city of your choice.

Friends help friends save money

Not only can you receive a major discount by referring two of your friends to CIP, but you can increase your referrals/discount by becoming a Campus Ambassador at your college or university and referring fellow students to intern through CIP.  Have your friends mention your name in the “promo box” when applying, or send us an email once you’re friend has applied, and the referral will be confirmed at the interview.

As the campus ambassador, you can also connect CIP with your school’s Career Center and Societies for extra benefits.

Good things come to those who help themselves

You can tackle your internship costs head on by raising the funds.  Not only can you do odd jobs and work to earn money, but you can also apply for grants and scholarships.  Research what scholarships and grants might be available through essays or other competitions, ask your local community societies, and reach out to organizations and societies in China.  Put in the work and your effort could just pay off!

Always ask for help

Have you thought of asking others for help in funding your internship? You probably think we’re referring to your immediate family and relatives, but they’re not the only ones you can reach out to.  Most universities have dedicated funds to support students who want to intern abroad. Ask your Study Abroad or International Affairs office and see what your college or university can do for you!

Don’t be shy—crowdfund!

The latest trend has been crowdfunding, which is to reach out to your community (and strangers) online and ask for assistance. Quite a few CIP applicants have used the Fund My Travel platform to create a campaign for their CIP China internship.  To get started, think of a compelling mission, write up a marketing pitch, and start selling your campaign with a personalized video!

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