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Average Salary in China: Positive Present and Bright Future!

China has been on a major economic growth especially from the past decade, as a result, it gets reflected in every sphere of Chinese lifestyle including the skilled workers’ average salary in China. To say the least it has even crossed a few economically good eastern European countries. The average salary does not just show the job prosperity scenario in China, but also the broader prospects of the economical growth of China.

This adds to the growing news which says that China is the USA of the eastern world. Unlike many eastern world countries which have a pretty less average salary, China has fared highly better comparatively to them and now is pushing its shoulder against the European powerhouses, Australia, Canada and the USA. The beneficiary of this increase in average wage in China is not only the native Chinese people but also the foreigners who come here to work and earn decent money. Not only Beijing or Shanghai but also cities like Guangzhou and Hangzhou have also contributed hugely to the increase of average salary in China. So, in this article lets see for details regarding China salary.


average salary in China


Coming towards more details look towards average salary in China, one can see that China has crossed a median of 6500 RMB in the 32 major cities of China. With major Chinese companies boosting their prospects by going international and increasing their boundaries, the growth of average salary in China is not going to decrease in any near future and it is believed that in next five years it can even cross the 10000 RMB median.

The median of the average salary in Beijing is slightly better than the average salary in Shanghai at today’s date, though both cannot be really separated in terms of economic and industrial growth. An average salary in Shanghai is nearly 9000 RMB whereas Average salary in Beijing is touching to 9500 RMB, while experts believe that both these cities will up the benchmark for average wage in China by crossing the 10000 RMB mark by the end of this year positively. Even Shenzhen is one of the biggest economic corridors of China is not left behind and is following these big two by reaching 8400 RMB mark. Looking at the living expenses of Shenzhen, this can be said a really nice average.

China’s middle-income population is equivalent to the entire population of the United States. As Income rises, demand for foreign products increase leading to the creation of huge demand for foreign Products

So, technically speaking the skilled workers’ average salary in Shenzhen is up to the mark with the average salary in Beijing and average salary in Shanghai. Coming to the tier two cities, surprisingly the average salary in Hangzhou is more than the average salary in Guangzhou. With the average salary in Hangzhou being near 7500 RMB and the average salary in Guangzhou being near 7000 RMB. These cities affect the average China salary heavily as per the stats.


average salary in China


If you follow the regional trends then you can see that northeastern cities like Harbin, Shenyang, and Changchun lag behind their counterparts in the eastern coastal region like Suzhou, Ningbo and Nanjing and southwestern cities like Chengdu and Chongqing which negatively impact the average China salary.

It reveals that old traditional industry-based cities are having a bit of a hard time in transaction whereas cities focusing on new trends of marketing and financing are boosting up quite early and are performing better globally too. That said if the northeastern cities come up to the pace of the other regions then China can pretty easily boast much better average salary, though the present average salary in China is far better than many countries in the eastern part of the world.


Average salary in China


The bright spot for the foreigners in the average salary in China index is that the private employees get fairly high median salary than to that of government employees which means foreigners who come to work in private companies of China have a more than enough reason to rejoice.

An average salary in private sector is more than that of the average salary in government sector in China goes on to show that the China’s companies are booming at a real strong rate giving a positive influence on average China salary. That said the industries which are contributing heavily to this growth are law and human resources, investment industry and intermediary agent industry and are top three respectively and are highly responsible in increasing the average wage in China



Source (Trading Economics)


With the growth of private business, the Chinese private companies give the highest average salary in China, followed closely by the joint ventures and then fully owned foreign companies. The fall down of fully owned foreign companies has much to do with the uneven and rapid growth of the Chinese companies rather than their own failures. Though on contrary for the workers the average wage in China for foreigners is a bit more than the average salary of Chinese workers, it has more or less to do with the work requirements rather than the nationalities. With employers at average planning to increase the salary of their workers by 6 percent every year, this shows the work progress and their confidence in the economic growth of China. It also ensures that the average wage in China will be on a consistent rise rather being stagnant or falling down in foreseeable future.


The World Economic ForumPredicts the Future of The World’s Most Powerful economies by 2030



So, looking at every perspective, irrespective of whether you are a foreigner or native, you should consider seeking work in China may be a summer internship in China. Aside from having a positive impact in career and at least get a chance to learn how this economy is on a rapid growth, you also get a first-hand exposure to the rise of the powerhouse at the eastern part of the globe.

That said if you are a student or newly graduated fellow then this can be a really good opportunity for you to try for an internship in China and China Internships Placements will help to find a right company for you so that your career also grow with your experience in China. That said if your internship goes well who knows you can get a job here with a package more than the average salary in China. The benefit is that this learning experience will not only give you an advantage to your CV but also hand on skills from expert Chinese skilled workers which can set your future to be pretty successful and rather easy because of the work culture and work ethics of big companies available here in China.


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